Hit it and it might start working

The techie articles where something novel is invented and has a certain usefulness are always welcome.

Then there are  others which rabbit on about nothing and this extends into business start-up articles, especially those within serial offender publications, especially those with slick presentation and lovely boxes all over the place, great web design.

Such an article as this, sent with a warning by Chuckles:…

Invasion – a tale of the bleedin’ obvious

Yes, I plead guilty to laying into the left of late and part of that is establishing that the left actually does exist as an entity. It’s a bit like establishing that satan does indeed exist but flourishes because he’s convinced enough people he doesn’t.

Sackers, of course, begs to differ.  I agree about puppet politics and how the whole thing’s theatre, yes, but there is very much this thing called leftism which blights us too. Perfect example was the pic earlier today of those people bowing down and apologizing.

Apologizing for what?  Something our ancestors did?  And to whom are they apologizing?  To the current day lot who have about as much compassion as a rattlesnake?  Who do Yulan and skin cats alive?  Who chop of hands and slit throats or happily spray gunfire around a French train while the surrender monkey staff cower in a locked loo?

This post is going to be blunt, so skip it if you’re queasy.…

Let them be

Can’t abide cruelty to animals, killing for sport, bullfighting, cruelty to the elderly or children. That picture of the Chinese man about to skin cats alive and that Yulan “festival” – my goodness those people are savages.  And we thought the Japs or ISIS were bad.

And the left wants to let all these people in?

So a brief space in time to enjoy the world we share:


Strike a canary

#  To cheer you up on Monday morning:

Construction workers were remodeling a science laboratory on the sixth floor of Marble Hill’s John F. Kennedy High School at about 8 p.m. when a powerful explosion destroyed parts of the fourth, fifth and sixth floors of the building, sending three workers to the hospital, one in serious condition.

Sources say the workers were supposed to shut off the gas to the lab at a source and then pump another less volatile but noxious fuel into the line, pushing the dangerous and odorless gas out the other end.

When the line is completely free of the odorless fuel, workers would normally smell the secondary fuel, which signals that the line is safe to work around.

But sources say a worker allegedly decided to test the line by striking a match near its tip — and it exploded with such force that a wall facing Terrace View Ave.


happy monday

#  Rossa sends two idiots who feel the need to swear for no scientific reason and it has something to do with chemistry.  You decide. My first thought is Darwin.

#  An utterly tasteless comment by Chuckles on the tragic Cilla who’s gone to meet all the chooks in the sky, so naturally I had to repeat it here:

‘Our Cilla’ has died and gone to Heaven, she’s ‘God’s Cilla’ now. So expect her to be attacking Tokyo in the upcoming weeks.

Miss Ida B. ChoAzz

This one comes from This is True and illustrates that even in a seemingly straightforward story, there’s often a slant which alters the picture or gives a backstory which explains the one presented.

Here’s the story as presented to the media:

Bill Erwin was in the grocery store with his wife when he “heard my wife scream ‘He’s got my purse!’” The thief bolted out the door of the Spokane, Wash., store. Heidi Muat was outside and gave chase.

“We ran over to the freeway,” Muat said. “We had to dodge some traffic and once he realized I wasn’t going to stop because I was dodging traffic with him, we headed to the freeway and he looked and saw he had nowhere to go other than running, and I said I can outrun you, give it up, and he just looked at me and tossed the purse.”

Police charged Ronald Warner with the theft.