#  Not going to say anything, just going to quietly click out, stay calm, put it out of mind, not dwell on it:

idiocy in aus

#  Downunder, the timber industry is a sore point and there’ve been ructions in the past.  Had to smile reading this, H/T Amfortas:

… about a man building out of rare timber, about which he says:…

A time for quiet reflection

There’s a prayer which speaks of putting aside the time for quiet reflection. Don’t know about you but I’m not too good at that, having essentially two speeds – stop and go.

Over the course of a week, the lads have sent – hang on, let me count – 14 different pauses for reflection.  Hmmmmm – how about 7 today and 7 tomorrow?

1.  Those wacky northern lads of science:

Physicist Andreas Wahl knows that things rotate faster when they approach a central point. Therefore he is letting himself be dropped 14 metres towards the ground – only attached to a loose rope with a weight at the other end.

Is it worth knowing anything anyway?

One of the core themes since the start of my blogging has been Them and until people understand the nature of these bstds, they cannot play with a full deck of cards, cannot really argue about what is happening in the world, as they’re leaving out the most critical influence. There’s no arrogance in saying that, it’s just that Them are the critical factor, it’s where most of the trouble comes from, some might say all the trouble.

Colleagues have written that it’s the UN at the heart of the trouble, others that it’s European royalty, still others that it’s the Black Nobility, others write that it’s the Masons, some that it is the Templars, one or two that it’s the Venetians, which is not as silly as it sounds, as all those other groups are tied in there and where the old families spring from.

Yes, it’s all of those and more.…


Rossa had planned trout this evening and absentmindedly, I also bought some today. This is Rossa’s treatment of it:

Trout fillet marinated in olive oil, grated garlic, grated fresh ginger, lime juice from half a lime and lime zest for 15 mins. Took 3 mins to cook. Tip into hot pan and then add 100ml coconut milk. Turn off gas and let it cook through.

Boiled basmati rice, sugar snap peas and chopped coriander to finish.

Very versatile as you could use chicken, prawns or ‘meaty’ white fish like a cod steak or monkfish. Took no more than 30 mins including prep time. Very fresh tasting and we both liked it. Another one to add to the quick supper menu!

Could add chopped fresh green or red chillies to be more of a Thai curry.

How they do it overseas


For Amfortas from Chuckles:

Until recently most folks would have been rather ashamed to be found guilty of committing gross double standards, horrific hypocrisy, and being swamped with logical contradictions. But regrettably many today not only do not mind all this, but even wear it as a badge of honour.

And there is no group more guilty of all this than the secular left. They regularly delight in utter hypocrisy and rampant double standards. But in an age where reason, logic and morality mean very little, they don’t seem to mind a bit being caught out time and time again with such duplicity and deception.

Examples of this are everywhere to be found. Let me just offer two very recent cases of this, both from Australia. The first one comes from Tasmania.