Exodus 20:17

If any additional evidence was needed to prove that compulsive leftism is a mental illness, this “PC” based scandal should suffice. [Samizdata: http://linkis.com/www.samizdata.net/20/F035Y]

The self-loathing of the British Left is now a problem for us all

He was referring to the Labour led No vote in Scotland and how badly it’s been run but also to Rotherham and what the left do to people, whilst hiding it with fine sounding sentiments like equality, fairness and tolerance.

It also relates to my situation.

I was talking to the guy I rent the yard space from, following the theft of my wood and he was not just covering himself when he said welcome to my world – he’s a builder – as he then went on to describe some recent events of a similar nature and he was pretty p***ed about it.

Essentially, I’m in a Labour area and the attitude is more what’s thine is mine – there’s not, shall we say, the same reverence for other people’s property being theirs, Arfur Daley rules round these parts.…

Dearieme’s last of the current series

In 1924 King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band broke up, so did the Wolverines; the NORKs followed. So among small groups (four to seven musicians, plus a drummer) the remaining top-notcher was Clarence William’s studio group, the Blue Five. We start with the ’25 Shake That Thing.

Another ’25 treat was Papa De-Da-Da

Here Armstrong and Eva enjoyed Clarence’s tune Just Wait ‘Til You See My Baby Do The Charleston.

Let’s next try an earlier track, from the ’23-’24 period: I’d wanted to use this on the post about early soloists but couldn’t find it on youtube. And here it is now: Bechet stars on Clarence’s tune Kansas City Man Blues.

And if I’m cheating on dates, I can do it twice. My last post unaccountably overlooked Eva in fine fettle on Of All The Wrongs You’ve Done To Me (1924)

Ah well; let’s end with the June ’26 Red Red Robin, which features my favourite Blue Five line-up: Unknown (Crnt.); (Tmbn.); (Clt.) Clarence Williams (Piano); Unknown (Banjo)

Even better, let’s not end with that – let’s revisit an old fave – Eva at eighty sings with a bunch of Scandowegians.…

Truth, untruth and bad neighbours

Latest photo from Kiev – proof positive that Russia has invaded:


So much to cover, don’t know which to begin with. Let’s start with the theft.

Came out today, I always show my mate the progress [or not] on the boat and he made a remark – you’ve got some new pallettes. I looked down and my 8×4 half inch ply had gone. I estimate perhaps £200.

As I’m in a sealed yard and am the only one with a key, they’d have to have put it up over the high fence. But when? Last night – I was working till evening. How would they know that was there? There’s a place upstairs near my flat which looks out there, so that suggests someone from my floor but I can’t accuse.

I’ve secured the rest as best I can for the night.

Onto other things. I saw the Telegraph before I went out and it had a Ukrainian army report that Russian soldiers, whom Putin had asked to give Ukrainians a “corridor” out, providing they lay down their arms had, when the Ukrainians had done so, shot them in the back and from the sidees of the corridor, killing hundreds.…

Belaying to bollards, cheesing down ropes and other joys


One of the things I’m now having to do is go back and relearn my sailcraft.

Modern boats reduce a sailor to dependence on devices and I was no exception with the Harken blocks, travellers etc. but with the square-rigged vessel, even a small one, it all has to be remembered, relearned or learnt from scratch.

The one I’ll need to gather all the cordage is how to hang to a belaying pin properly. This pdf for naval cadets is a great starter:

hanging a coil

Oh yes, that cheesing down of ropes – here’s how to do it:

cheesing down a rope