#  Haiku sends El Reg on all this IoT bollox:

As US lawmakers call on the Government Accountability Office to assess the world of the Internet of Things, Eugene Kaspersky has unloaded on the thingification of home appliances.

A bipartisan group of US Senators (Brian Schatz and Cory Booker for the Democrats, Deb Fischer and Kelly Ayotte for the Republicans) released the letter to Comptroller General Gene Dodaro to launch the probe.

#  Chuckles with Kate at SDA.  titled “rush hour”:



Following on from yesterday’s post on Within our Lifetime [?], a constant theme I’ve blogged on is that it is unnecessary to be a soothsayer – one only needs to have read widely.  All the facts you need are in the minutiae.

For example, this is an interesting exercise:

#  Now if you’re a moderately well-read person, you know who Saul Alinsky is. You know that he wrote the book — influential particularly for folks on the left — Rules for Radicals. And if you were born before a few years ago, you know that Clinton has always been a tad touchy regarding her ties to Alinsky. When she was First Lady and it was discovered that her senior thesis was written on Alinsky’s controversial tactics, someone — no idea who — gave her college the idea to seal her thesis from public view.…

Within our lifetime?


[There is a] United States military training exercise, scheduled to take place in multiple US states from July 15 to September 15, 2015. Their announcements raised concern referred to by The New York Times as “travers[ing] the outer edges of political paranoia.”

People’s reactions to events are the critical factor, of course, in how the PTB act next time. Those reactions are watched, not unlike by Dr. Mengele,  by those arranging things and who has which reaction is critical – all this is a known known.…

Even the computer cooks a meal

If you think that a supercomputer can do a better job of inventing new meals than, say, Gordon Ramsey, then today’s your lucky day. IBM is opening up its Chef Watson web app to the world, enabling open-minded foodies to make outlandish food combinations for dinner parties with people you’re not fussed about pleasing.


Consider the ant …


The lowdown:

We will now consider what an ant can do. First, it can walk. If you think this is no great shucks, talk to a robotics engineer with a cable-connected supercomputer. Ask him how easy it is to make six legs with multiple joints each work together while climbing over things. If you think about the amount of sensory feedback necessary to know where these legs are at a given moment, and what the pressures and angles are, you will get dizzy. The ant does it effortlessly, with about as many brain cells as a congressman has IQ points. This would suggest perhaps three brain cells.

[H/T Chuckles]

Consider the Flying Ant:…



Apart from saying a prayer for the lady overboard off South Africa, it does focus the mind on being at sea.

Retiree couples buying a boat and sailing the world are not uncommon but I’ve always thought it a tad dangerous. Even with self-steering, two is too few. With ground and air support, one is possible but who has that?…

Just politics

1.  Comedy hour:

A group of pro-Palestinian activists describing themselves as politically independent are preparing to try and break the eight -year long Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Describing themselves as independent, eh? Only lot I know who pretend neutrality are the left, usually the far left.

“All the Israeli right wing parties have shown an aggressive attitude towards those of us who support the Freedom Flotilla 3 initiative.

Oh dear, what a giveaway. Sigh.  Who do they think they’re fooling?…

The conundrum of Boris Island


Though the extra runway at Heathrow won, they still constructed Boris Island for military, V.I.P. and experimental flights.

In the experimental sector, Boris Island is the home-base of an unlimited number of identical airplanes.

Each airplane has a fuel capacity to allow it to fly exactly 1/2 way around the world, along a great circle.

24 hours

Dinner champas

In my humble abode there is no refrigerator.

Being fond of the lateral solution, I found that a tub of cold water [which later can be drawn from the canal – it need not be pure] has glass jars of food kept in it, bobbing around and I’ve found that some foods last, some don’t.

The sliced beef lasts, roasted chicken lasts, mince goes off, clotted cream is remarkably good, other cream goes off, Philly is amazing, tinned tomatoes go off immediately, as does, sadly, broccoli and cauli.  Sweetheart cabbage lasts ages if near but not in water.  Cucumber is medium, cheese is surprisingly good. Eastern European pickles always do well.…

En Primeur

Bordeaux_Lot 2015_102

Ever since the great ’82 vintage in Bordeaux, buying wine “en primeur” has been an increasing yearly ritual until recently.

En Primeur is the buying of wine before it is released to the market, the buying being based on experts opinion of the wine in cask before it is finally bottled and sometimes later, this of course means having a lot of faith in the experts’ opinion and even among them, opinions can vary.…


#  Winter’s now on its way, the days getting shorter.

#  Le Figaro readers were asked:

solidarity greece

#  Suffer the little children:

After 25 years teaching in Sacramento, including the last 13 at Luther Burbank High School, she said she has replaced the Bard’s plays in her classroom with works by nonwhite authors. Dusbiber, who is white, said many of her students come from different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds than her own.

In the 2013-14 academic year, 96 percent of Burbank students were nonwhites and 81 percent qualified for free or reduced-price lunches based on household income, according to state data.