The Cameron Delusion

Peter Hitchens, in The Cameron Delusion, showed just where Cameron was in the spectrum, on the continuum.

That was made clear by the reaction to his conference speech when the left praised him, including that bizarre kid people take notice of for some reason – Owen Jones. Sorry but if Labour praised me as a Tory PM, I’d want to know where I’d gone wrong.

One of the reviewers of the Hitchen’s book:

One of the things that I liked most about this book is that we get another glimpse into Peter Hitchens’ personal story and how he transitioned from a Trotskyist revolutionary into a Christian conservative.

Even if you disagree with his politics, isn’t that in itself an interesting story? Doesn’t it make you pause and think that someone who’s been on such a journey might have something worth at least listening to? It did for me. As Hitchens went into a bit of his backstory, I’ll allow myself to do the same briefly.

Totally in control

lenka power

It was a pratty journo idea – do a “he says – she says” where they’re meant to be at odds with each other.

You can see the idea in the url:

That was of zero interest and I’d say many would disagree with his take. As for calling her “trophy wife”, is the man an idiot? However, that wasn’t the bit which got me. It was this from her:

This outfit is sexy and sophisticated. It’s a look that gives you power and I feel totally in control when I’m wearing it.

Islam – discuss at your leisure


When we studied together at a madrassa, Rashid Moosagie had a very low opinion of my politics. I was disenchanted by the academic, abstract nature of our curriculum at the Deoband seminary, some 160km from New Delhi, where I was enrolled in 1978; I desperately wanted the wisdom of my faith to help shape the world, and I had begun to lose myself in the writings of political Islam.

Rashid had just arrived to apprentice under some scholars after completing his religious education elsewhere, and he thought my notion of “applied Islam” was nonsense. The ideas I loved offered heady rhetoric but little substance, he argued. And eventually I came to agree with him that the madrassa approach, focused on tradition and piety, along with an infusion of new knowledge, was the best way to revitalise Islam. By that time, Rashid had become a successful imam in his native South Africa.…

Keith Moon

The only live version of Happy Jack on youtube for a long time was the annoying Beat Club one where, as Keith Moon descended to the manic drumming which established his name, the camera inexplicably moved right away from him and onto the singer’s back.

Fortunately, there’s another, lesser version of the song now but it does have Keith Moon in full cry:

And of course, he made this song:…

A club culture is built, not just bought

afc wimbledon result

In the corporate world, is it called Goodwill?  In the football world, it’s called Destination Club.

Liverpool still has its name, at least Klopp thinks so but perhaps not Ancelotti.  It’s a fine line when a club slips from “desired destination” to “think about it next year” to the end position – “wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole”.…

Rothschild and Weather Central

Ken Craggs on just how far the Rothschilds are involved in the global warming scam. Ken’s piece lists chapter and verse from 1977 and concludes:

In January 2011, E.L. Rothschild LLC, a private investment company owned by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his wife Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild acquired a 70% controlling stake in Weather Central, the world’s leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobile. Weather Central was subsequently merged with The WeatherChannel, formerly known as The Weather Company, which is owned by NBC Universal, Bain Capital, and Blackstone Group.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild talks here about a subsidiary of the Weather Channel called which is also known

Lord Jacob Rothschild is a member of the International Advisory Board at Blackstone Group, under whose umbrella BlackRock was founded. And according to ‘The Economist‘, “[BlackRock] owns a stake in almost every listed company not just in America but globally.

Inspector Japp of the Yard?

Scipi skynews.img.1200.745

NSW Police Commissioner Scipione has an entire Force made in his image. Apart from his female officers of course. Some of those are quite tasty. But I will show you one of those later.

I am sure that to some who are ‘close’ to him, he is a lovable and avuncular chap, just like Poirot’s Inspector Japp. But he is even more adept at looking in the wrong direction, overlooking evidence and missing vital clues. He surrounds himself with people similarly afflicted.…


#  At AK Haart‘s is this:

Over at Broad Oak blog, blogger Wiggia has passed on some fascinating personal experiences relevant to Sackerson’s recent post Will the Establishment win again?

I love all this linking.  wonder if there’s something vaguely incestuous about it all.

#  Nice little read on a cuckolded hubby and his wife in Spitalfields in 1618:

Women do invite rape … but for a different reason this time

Europe’s rape epidemic: western women sacrificed at the altar of mass migration.

So wrote Anne-Marie Walters.

I’ve written many times now that women and children should not be out alone at night and as for men – they need to choose their safe places with care.  But you can’t tell women and children that – they’re full of this “I can do anything”, just as Nemo said and look where that got him.

Going further, the woman who does observe basic safety because she knows she’s a sitting target for the type who hang around populated areas at night, let alone unpopulated – and a single woman, alone, is the most prime target of all – this sane woman will not be raped or otherwise attacked.  She takes precautions if she’s going out to have alcohol.…