Amfortas kindly sent me this:

… and this:

… and I didn’t respond at first, as I didn’t see where it fitted in initially.  So I had to look at the long term plan.  There are two phases for the boat.

As a canalboat

No need for navlights, so cooking is initially via generator powered AC devices and later gas canister stove, houselights are individually powered by batteries – I’ve tested these already and they work well, give long hours in LED -two lanterns are wind-up type

As well as the generator is the outboard at a pinch but I don’t want to rig that up and compromise it.

Water is via the 100 ten litre water carriers I have – one has been sitting there full for two months now – and that supplies me with enough ballast for the boat too on the canal [to stop rocking].  Remembering I have four pontoons supporting the sides as well.…

Can’t think of a title

This one has to be attributed to  and it does seem a bit bizarre.

The European Commission has suggested that a European company buy Russian gas and then re-sell it to Ukraine, EU Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger said Tuesday following trilateral gas talks between Russia, Ukraine and the European Union.

“We suggested the following thing: if Naftogaz is not able to pay, a European company may pay for this gas instead and then re-sell it to Naftogaz,” Oettinger said at a press conference.

Meanwhile, this one is a poll of Sun readers:


Make of that what you will.  And this one below is just a reminder that it might not be important to us but …


And as if we needed a reminder:

euro and spain

Get a room and other stories


Star footballer caught in sex romp in Paris

Footballers have been known to do some pretty outrageous things but this one takes the biscuit and I’m sorry to say it’s one of our star players. I liked Jimmy Bartel, I really did but this is just one step too far, this is beyond the pale, if you catch my drift.


He was caught canoodling with the young lady and seems the two couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

What’s wrong with that, you might ask? Well for goodness sake – she’s his wife! A man has the hots for his own wife? What’s the world coming to?

I mean, what got into him – he goes gallivanting off to Paris with her when he could have been getting sloshed with the lads in Bali:


Caption time

Supply his name, her name and what he’s saying to her:


The geek

From Chuckles:



When I lived in England, I told the girl I was dating (who’s still one of my best friends in the world) that I could do a KILLER Irish accent.

Might pique your interest

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Spycam on the past

rue toilets

Not at all sure why Google do a streetview photo as well as a map.  I mean, what do you need the streetview of the houses for?  Just the sheer work involved in photographing every street in the world is mindboggling.

And the most frustrating part is that the bit you want to see is obscured by trees or a billboard and you only get this close and no more.  It creates a longing and can also shock you when things which used to be there are no longer.

This all started through Harold Holt’s disappearance, part of last evening’s post on Gough Whitlam. So I went to Google maps, didn’t I and looked back at places in the area I used to frequent, maybe in what must have been from the late 60s to the mid 70s, after which I returned here.

And we would camp down there on the Rye foreshore in summer but now it’s just a park – I knew that anyway, that they’d cleared away all the summer campsites but was still hoping to see the pier.…

The adventures of Edward Gough Whitlam

There’s a line in this song which sums up Australians: ‘From the land that thinks the whole world’s out to get them.’ LOL.

He died today, the briefly seen colossus who bestrode Australia – beauty, bonza cobber – and those were the days I was down there, in the middle of it. Politically exciting if you were a young chap with a Labour inclination, which I was at the time.

If you want the actual bio, The Age will do for starters. The lengthier version, for students of political history and the history of nations, is in the five vids below – worth a look. I’ll summarize below that:

These were heady times – we went to all the demonstrations in Melbourne, including the restaurant Kerr attended by the Yarra River. The whole nation was up in arms and the mood was ugly. I think the reason I was pushed towards Labour was having had socialist teachers – how on earth do those people get their sincecures?…

Is internal tension required for creativity?

Firstly, on that Banksy hoax:

Banksy has not been arrested, despite a report stating the contrary.

“The Banksy arrest is a hoax,” the street artist’s publicist, Jo Brooks, told The Independent.

However, the prank seems to have duped the internet, with his name quickly trending on Twitter.

A false story, published on US website National Report, alleged that the identity of the British street artist had finally been revealed and he had been arrested by London’s Metropolitan Police and is being held “without bail on charges of vandalism, conspiracy, racketeering and counterfeiting”.

The story claimed that Banksy’s London art studio had been raided, where “thousands of dollars of counterfeit money along with future projects of vandalism” were found, along with ID thought to belong to the famed anonymous street artist, which allegedly identified him as Liverpool-born Paul Homer.

Interesting when you think something like that has actually happened, how quickly one emotes for one side or the other.…

Roadmap to Brexit, U.S. Navy, Niagara interactive and other things

Have to agree with this and with Wiggia’s comment: ‘Annoying all the right people.’  Click pic to go to youtube:

n10 calypso

You really have to smile….Tories, Labour and Lib Dems get millions from wealthy donors, have hundreds of salaried staff, use PR firms, advertising agencies, focus groups and pollsters to finetune carefully crafted propaganda campaigns all backed up by their palace guards in the media and the impact is….zilch…

UKIP (no big donors, minimal staff) get a former BBC dj, well past his sell by date to write, sing and record a calypso, a musical genre briefly popular circa 1955 and the whole thing goes VIRAL!!!!!!!

What’s more the lyrics spell out the main threads of UKIP policy while the chorus plops Nigel Farage directly outside No. 10 Downing Street….

The lefty smellysocks on Twitter go mental and the Telegraph and Guardian sneer at full throttle and the usual suspects cry RACIST…

There is something essentially wicked in the British sense of humour and I believe they had one of the best PR firms do this, pitching it slightly amateurishly, most gallingly, most irreverently – it tunes in with our mindsets like a hand in a glove.…


Fancy some 1842 beer?


El Reg has some good ones from the animal world:

. Would you pay $AU149k for a cat?

. Sheep high on the weed.

And from Wiggia:



Meanwhile, in galaxy not all that far away:

A young mother faces jail for conning friends and strangers out of thousands of pounds by falsely claiming she had terminal cancer, after dramatically changing her plea to guilty on the first day of her trial.

Police said Danielle Watson “acted in a cold and calculated manner” by appealing for donations, goods and services for her wedding, after announcing in January 2012 that she had late-stage cervical cancer with only a 15 to 20 per cent chance of survival.

Yet another example of the new Gen Y. The key words, the ones to keep in the back of your mind, should you fall into their clutches, are: “acted in a cold and calculated manner”.…

Tommy Robinson attacked in prison


There are certain things which are going to happen if you’re a bit of a silly boy and don’t see the writing on the wall.  But that in no way excuses those things happening.

Last year, OoL ran a video of a march where Tommy Robinson and another EDL member went on a prearranged walk.  They were first accosted by police and when asked about the route, he told them.  Police have a duty to keep the peace so they should have kept a short distance and the two separated from the UAF thugs.

Instead what happened was that the police stopped them again to interrogate them and behind the police stood the UAF who then physically attacked but when Robinson’s partner counter-attacked, Robinson and he were arrested and bundled into a van.  Nothing was done to the attackers.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more blatantly biased piece of policing.  They’d been sent to provoke and arrest.…