Quite worrying developments today at the appeal

A statement was made today by one of the judges which has thrown two of the three sides into some confusion and consternation, plus all the watchers. Both those who want to see the two perps finally nailed but also the Knox camp will be quite worried about statements made today. It does seem that Knox counsel are aware of it – they went beserk.

The players

There are three main interested sides – the prosecution, Knox’s defence and Sollecito’s defence.

In Italy, there are two factions in public life, so to speak. One is the law abiding who generally side with the judiciary as it’s their only defence against the other faction. Then there is the other, small faction with Berlusconi, the mafia, corrupt pollies, corrupt judges and lawyers – the PTB down through the community.

What came out clearly in the Hellman/Zanetti appeal in 2011 was that the illegal way it was conducted, the travesties which saw both perps acquitted and released, caused a storm in Italian judicial circles and the very best prosecutor they could find launched a long and scathing appeal on the grounds of miscarriage of justice.…

The loudest noise in the ocean


File this under Useless Information if you like. What is the loudest noise made by creatures of the ocean?

The answer for any individual creature is the blue whale – and that takes in the land as well], it’s not the loudest collective noise, i.e. one which submarines might encounter.  That prize goes to the trillions of a variety of shrimp called Alphaidae in shrimp layers in tropical and sub-tropical waters.

The sound comes to 246 decibels but adjusted for sound travelling five times as fast underwater, is still around 160 decibels.  Given that a jet plane makes about 140 decibels, it gives you an idea why they interfere with sonar.  Subs need to stick their mast up through the layer – if below – in order to hear anything.…


Not going to mention the Airbus crash, for fear of upsetting Ivan. Speaking of flying craft which strain to stay aloft – uh huh:


NASA has successfully tested a new space drive that doesn’t use a propellant and shouldn’t work, at least according to the laws of physics, according to a story that broke in Wired.UK. The drive, called the Cannae Drive, worked in the NASA directed test, defying physics.

Major party sociopathy on display

Now we know David Cameron is definitely going, we’ll win back Ukip voters who hate him, say Tories

There is something seriously cloud cuckoo land about this, completely divorced from reality. It’s a lack of understanding of how a substantial part of the voting population see it. By making such a statement or holding that belief, they are assuming the ex-Tory dissidents are swayed only by Cameron as a person, that we haven’t a brain and haven’t moved on, that we’re just queueing up waiting to come back.

They are equating us with the deadheads who have stayed with LibLabCon no matter what and will vote tribally. Since they hijacked the 1922, they’ve forgotten the ill feeling on it. The ill feeling when gay marriage was ramrodded through. The whole way real conservatives were treated within the party. This is not how Roger Helmer, Douglas Carsell or Mark Reckless were. Those men left on a thing called “principle”.…

Privacy and civil disobedience

Vox Day points out, on privacy:

The only way one can reasonably expect to gain any privacy … is by flooding the system

Overloading them with data. I can’t see the applicability in real life but online, it might be possible to have enough trigger words or something any enquiry will trigger. Beyond most of us but am happy to be corrected on this.

The broader point, on civil disobedience, is a good one but that only works if everyone does it. Of course, the Nazi way of dealing with that was that if there was non-cooperation, they just took selected citizens and strung them up.

Seems to me that it must not be overt. Seems to me that sacrifices have to be made. for example, my way to deal with the BBC is not to have a tele. With the gas company – not to use gas and so on.…

Meredith Kercher – eve of the verdict

OK, here’s the plan at N.O. about the case. Either tomorrow in the late evening or the following day, Thursday, maybe around 10 a.m., a decision will be handed down by the Italian Supreme Court. I’ll post this now and then one after the verdict. Even then I’ll not speak of guilt or innocence but of what’s likely to happen after that.

The Mail has made two errors, one some days back, the latest today. It says Sollecito has blown a hole in Knox’s alibi, as if this is new. No he hasn’t, at least no more than he did months back and that will surprise you coming from me.

- Sollecito, 30, has submitted a withering 306-page court document in an attempt to distance himself from Knox at their final appeal
– Claims he now can’t remember whether Knox was with him when Meredith Kercher was stabbed 47 times in November, 2011, as he was stoned
– Added that he did not have a motive for the murder, but Knox did
– Said he didn’t know her well enough to help her carry out the murder
– Expert said it appeared to be ‘brutal last ditch effort’ to save his own skin

Gothic castle in America


There was that picture of American roads and how run down they are.  Now an American obsession – taking a bit of ye olde and reproducing it in a peculiarly American way.

This gothic castle is a case in point. It was the dream home of Christopher Mark, the man who had it built in Connecticut, but a tricky divorce and some failed business attempts meant that it had to go on the market.…

Danica Patrick needs to be seen in context


This one was sent by one of the lads and my first thought was oh no, here we go again. The feminists are going to be shrill about how good she is and she can mix it with the boys, the boys are going to say what utter BS and point to her record, the feminists are then going to point to the carefully written Wiki record and by posting this, I’ll be called misogynist.…


A quite current and relevant issue over at Mark’s in Mayenne – pollution, water pollution.

There used to be many water mills along the rivers that thread through the Mayenne, and each one had its dam and sluice gate for water management.  The mills have fallen into disuse but the dams and sluice gates remain, and these slow down the flow of water enough, apparently, to cause the pollutant concentrations to reach unacceptable levels.    

The solution being proposed (and, by degrees, inplemented) is to destroy the old dams to speed up the water flow in the rivers: the rivers will flow more swiftly, the water levels will drop, there will be less time for the pollutants to accumulate and they will be carried away faster.  

Confessions of a young scumbag

mayallRegarding Nigel’s Queen’s Head lunch affair, I was reading Bishop Hill’s comments and started wondering how far my hypocrisy could extend before coming clean.

Make no mistake – they are scum, as Nige said but the thing is … cough … er … ahem … so was I way back when.

You see, I had this affliction called yoof. I do understand it passed some of you by and some of you were born the fineupstanding adults you are today. Unfortunately, I passed through this yoof phase and was not, by any stretch of the imagination, mature. Some fineupstanding adults even called us wild.

Let me stress that we weren’t out and out crims, we didn’t go about breaking any laws, after all, we were the saviours of the world, the ones soaked, even steeped, in the left narrative, which leads me to reflect that this is not some new phenomenon by any stretch.…

Three further developments in the Meredith Kercher case

1. Kercher family

They have always been in a very difficult position. Just what is the correct stand for them to take? The family, often spoken for by the son and daughter, have always supported whatever the verdict of the time was.

As the verdict was guilt, then that’s the stand they accepted. Don’t forget they were privy to every piece of evidence ever presented, which none of the other trial participants were.

In 2011, when Knox and Sollecito were acquitted, the mother was interviewed and said they would have to accept the verdict. That’s as far as they went. So it was clear they were not the type to jump from one side to the other and then back again. It’s fair to say that though they said nothing, they did have a view by then.…

Those rains in Costa Rica


The theme of the River in Africa post was that it is very hard establishing truth and that there is a tendency to go with the more “homely” explanation, the one which all good, rational people would opt for … yet it turns out to be the wrong one and the weird, left field original charge turns out to be correct.

Chuckles writes this about the article mentioned further down:…

That river in Africa

Mother who tortured her two children to make them lie about satanic child sex cult at primary school ‘so she could get back at her ex’ in custody dispute

Hmmmmmm, we’re back to this again. The essential difference, it seems to me, between baseless hysteria and something so seemingly left field and yet there is substantiation, is that the former has no documentation which stands.

One hotly contested issue is the IPCC and climate change. Every so often, new data comes through about either misreading of the available historical records or their falsifying. If you’re on the fence, which I was, then one watches to see which evidence stands over time and which shows they’ve been telling porkies.

Another hotly contested issue or rather two, one after the other, were the McMartin pre-school paedo and the subsequent Franklin Building Society scandals. One notable person from the time investigating was Gary Webb who mysteriously suicided before he could table his results, not unlike David Kelly over here.…

Police Commissioner – utterly pointless

Never was there a more pointless layer of bureaucracy created than that of Police Commissioner, a snouts in the trough job for those voted in by such a minuscule portion of the population that the whole thing should have been abandoned when the voting figures were seen out of pure embarrassment, but as it was jobs for the boys with most PCCs getting the post on a political affiliation rather than desire to serve the public, no surprise there then.

It should also be noted intended savings over the old Police Authorities have proven to be a myth, no surprise there either.


Our own PCC who briefly stood aside whilst investigations into his expenses were carried, soon stepped back in having given back £2700 in dodgy claims for mileage, and stopping for reasons no one has explained the inquiry into those expenses going ahead.…