Of 3D jaws, Osborne’s dominatrix and UKIP’s occult dilemma

1. Nice to report something positive, this time human jaws from South Africa:

The jaws were 3D printed with a titanium powder, via a laser sintering process by The Central University of Technology (CUT) in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Once printed, they were exact fits, and a team of five specialists then performed the implantation. Because of the fact that the jaws were custom built, layer by layer, specifically for each patient, the surgery time was cut back significantly, and a tremendous amount of money was saved. Due to the use of 3D printed titanium, each surgery cost just 20% of what a traditional jaw implant surgery would have cost. Using traditional CNC milling to manufacture a jaw implant wastes approximately 80% of the titanium block used, whereas 3D printing wastes almost no titanium at all.

[H/T haiku]

2. No one can say we’re not evenhanded here. JD sends a Labour Party site’s news today of George Osborne and the Dominatrix hard at it – pics are in the papers.…

A red heifer is born

There might be a cause and effect about to happen. It might seem to the non-religious and non-Jewish that this has no meaning to them but in fact it does have great meaning, tangentially, to all of us.

1. The theology goes that the Jews are awaiting their Messiah. Leave aside that he’s already been 2000 years ago and was crucified. The Jews believe that there’s a sequence of events which starts with the appearance of an “unblemished” red heifer who can’t even have two hairs of a different colour.

There’s apparently a very weighty committee which determines all this and they decide if the animal is kosher or not. Takes some time. There’ve been some close calls over the last couple of decades but always there was some blemish which disqualified the calf.

Now there’s a fair bit of talk that this might be the one. Still remains to be seen but it’s worth keeping an eye on.…


The ugliness we see around us has been consciously fostered and organized in such a way, that a majority of the population is losing the cognitive ability to transmit to the next generation, the ideas and methods upon which our civilization was built.

The extraordinary way it all suddenly happened within a few years, and in 1966, within the one year:

Thus, for the Frankfurt School, the goal of a cultural elite in the modern, “capitalist” era must be to strip away the belief that art derives from the self-conscious emulation of God the Creator; “religious illumination,” says Benjamin, must be shown to “reside in a profane illumination, a materialistic, anthropological inspiration, to which hashish, opium, or whatever else can give an introductory lesson.”

At the same time, new cultural forms must be found to increase the alienation of the population, in order for it to understand how truly alienated it is to live without socialism.…

A modern tale from the 60s [2]

The discordance spoken of by Marcuse and Co – signs of the new age:

Steve Hayes mentions Jack Kerouac and Alan Ginsberg and that, of course, had me going back to Laurel Canyon and the Phillipses.

First Ginsberg – supporter of NAMBLA, meaning pro-homosexual paedophilia. I needn’t bother going to his other vices, which were considerable or the way he corrupted a generation of college students along with Leary.

Please remember that at the time, I was one of them, just as influenced as anyone else.

This is by Paul Drockton, himself a controversial figure, accused of being a shill, with input by David McGowen.

Before this starts, the purpose is not to detail how bad each was in himself, nor that each influenced a few people, nor that each lived a lie when compared to the projected image. No, it was far worse than that – it was the things they enabled by particularly nasty people [see last photo] and the way they spread drugs to youth.…


Peston is a known-known, he’s been spoken of in NWO circles for years as a shill for Them, always taking the globalist line, not unlike that other one from The Times whose name I’ve forgotten now – the economics editor.

Peston is also Common Purpose through and through. You’ll also notice the overpromoted Brazilian killer Cressida Dick.

Peston is a known shill for Them.

So WTF is he doing hosting Newsnight? Especially after his Bilderberger-in-Chief lark?

As that article says – it’s to muddy the waters in his disdainful scruffiness.…