Asia Bibi, Cameron and the feminists – the deafening silence

asia bibiWe can’t be expected to take up every Muslim outrage in the world and if it’s a Christian woman, well, everyone seems to go strangely quiet.

Why should an obscure woman in a remote Pakistani village concern us?

Perhaps the question should be – why should it concern western feminists and Cameron?

First, the feminists. It’s all well and fine for certain ladies to decry this blog’s calling out of these self-interested people who pretend to strike blows for all women when in fact it is only their little old selves they’re interested in.

However – look at it. Where is their outrage? Where is their campaign on behalf of a sister who will shortly be murdered by the state? When I see western feminists calling the authorities out over an obscure woman who can’t help them with their own power grab, then I’ll adopt a more supportive attitude towards these hypocrites.…

State of the Ukraine

Hi James, you wrote and asked my opinion – here it is -

The state workers and deputats of the parlament of the Ukraine are elected by the population.

Since there is no authorities in this country, Police has no will to resist such incidents after Maidan “perevorot”, after what Government did against Berkut.

So, bandits from the “Pravyj sector” and “Trezub” (Trident) simply take a politishens who do not support the general Nazi trend in politics and put them to the rubbish bin. Police cannot stop this since, poplicmen dont have power and courage to resist bandits. Bandits after any resistance will come to relatives of the policmen and kill them.

I would like to point, that “Pravyj sector” and their Head – Dmitrij Jarosh got near 1% of votes during the election of the President. But in fact this Nazi bandits are the real power in Ukraine now together with footbal fans.

Bread [3]

Strange shape but it is bread:

strange loaf 2

Bread 3

Just had a couple of slices.  Think I struck lucky.  The crust was crisp but not hard, the bread was ‘porous’ yet not crumbly, slight moistness to it, slightest hint of yeast which can be adjusted minutely, when sliced it held together for the breadknife – it did everything asked and was filling.

Next one I might reduce the sugar just a bit, not much – I like it a little bit sweet, to take marmalade and honey.  Think the milk powder made all the difference.  Exceedingly chuffed, actually.  Was beginning to have doubts.…

Asia Bibi

An outrage, of course:

Nasir Saeed, director of CLAAS-UK said: “I am very disappointed with today’s result and my thoughts and prayers are with Asia’s family. It is not surprising that the judges were swayed by pressure from local influential Muslims, but I had hoped that justice would prevail and that the case would be judged based on its merits.

“While the rest of the world condemns such draconian laws, Pakistan continues to persecute its minorities simply because of their religion.

“I have to now remain hopeful that the Supreme Court judges will look at the case objectively and allow the final appeal, eventually acquitting Asia.”

Mrs Bibi’s case reflects the deep religious tensions in parts of Pakistan and in the eyes of many campaigners illustrates the shortcomings of the country’s blasphemy law, which is used to settle private scores.

In June 2009, she was involved in an argument with a group of Muslim women after they became angry with her for drinking the same water as them.

From bubblegum to borderline bubblegum

During the bubblegum years, I was listening more to the Stones, then Zeppelin, then Ramones, then Stranglers, Ian Dury and the like.  So this music below really wasn’t what I was into, nor did Gary Glitter later do anything, nor Sweet.

On the other hand, a few did stand out and it was debatable if it was even bubblegum or bubblegum influenced.  We ran the Archies last evening and it was certainly catchy, in a throwaway way.

It all started auspiciously, with this sort of thing:

Then came:

Everyone knows of this lot who later broke the strictures of constructed pop:

Hate to admit it but that’s a nice song, covered by many.  And then came some more or less genuine songs, still with bubblegum influence:

And I’m afraid to admit I really liked this catchy number:

Of course, also in this era were:

The era pretty well closed out with the Bay City Rollers:

Bread [2]


perfect rossaYes, well, smartypants Rossa showed me her loaf – yes, yes, I know, all ingredients in, it’s an art form, I’m told, not a science, blah, blah blah and she came out with a perfect loaf, dinn she eh?

Meanwhile, muggins here was doing this – I’ve just been driving her batty and was told to bugger off – do you find today’s chef a teensy bit ‘cheffy’ in temperament?

Must be because it’s around tea time.


Here’s what I’m going with for a 1.5 lb loaf:

Gives hydrations here in comments:

According to those, one cup is 240ml = 128g.

However, I did my own experiment.  With  an ice-cream paddle on a chisel as a seesaw, I put 70ml of lightly packed flour on one side and it was balanced by 47ml of water. As the water is about 47g, then the flour weighs 47/70 or 0.67 of the water.  Or two-thirds the weight of the water.…

Schultz helps Cameron by sinking UKIP in the EUP

iveta gringuleDo you know the woman in the pic? Her name is Iveta Grigule and she’s a snake in the grass.

In an event which will have repercussions within the Uk, with elections coming up, starting with the November 20th by-election, this woman has been bribed to rat on her EU Parliament group, of which Beppo and Nigel are a part by Schultz offering her the head of something to Kazakhstan. No woman can resist being promoted to head of something.

So she ditched the groups and Schultz/Barosso knew full well that this dropped the group one person less than required to get the millions in funding, including money for campaigning within the UK.

There is a way out, of course – join the FN of Marine’s and the funding will be reinstated. However, this is precisely what Nigel has been avoiding – joining anything with the FN. Marine understands fully the UK situation and though Nige and UKIP would sit as non-aligned, that will mean zero within the UK as Cameron and Beaker beat the hollow tin and bellow that UKIP was fascist all along.…

Wiggia, Chuckles, Higham on Thursday


Mr Potato Head slags off Osborne and still denies the Labour Govt did anything wrong, why oh why does anyone ever vote for any of them?

Something more pleasant:


If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port…

Higham, commenting on that

Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho has talked of her discomfort that the internet is made by humans who have a penis. The former Martha Lane Fox, CBE, told the Radio Academy’s Radio Festival in Salford that she felt uneasy “that something that is now fundamental, like the water, for everybody’s daily life has been entirely produced by men.”

Alas, she’s right. Unlike Cuban cigars, which according to legend are rolled on the thighs of (female) virgins, internet packets arrive through a brutal, phallus-dominated patriarchy. It’s enough to make anyone queasy.

Martha Lane Fox is a niece of the sixth Marquess of Anglesey (her great-aunt Felicity Lane Fox was once also Baroness Lane-Fox), and was appointed to the House of Lords a year ago – a stunning riches-to-riches story.

Haiku on Thursday

No fly list progress?

In response to a district judge ruling that declared the Department of Homeland Security’s Traveler Redress Inquiry Program unconstitutional, the federal government has annouced its removal of seven Americans from its no-fly list (PDF). The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is representing a total of 13 people suing to get off that list, and the government has until January of this year to deal with remaining six in that group. “Federal agencies have nominated more than 1.5 million names to terrorist watch lists over the past five years alone. Yet being a terrorist isn’t a condition of getting on a roster that, until now, has been virtually impossible to be removed from…” One of the seven removed from the list is Marine Corps veteran and dog trainer Ibraheim Mashal of Illinois. The others had similarly Middle-Eastern-sounding names.

Cheap holiday (?) home in Austria:

Something not quite right as yet:

This year’s Nobel in Economics

This is rather amusingly different from last year’s economics prize, which went to three people explaining the Efficient Markets Hypothesis: one stating that it worked, the other that it didn’t and the third providing the deep mathematics to show that both were correct.

Buddy Holly

The reason why this is appearing at OoL does not become apparent until near the end. *It’s a strange post.  It started out as a look at Buddy Holly as a singer and here are the original opening words:

Really love this clip – the girls behind look like debutantes and are dying to dance to it:

At that point, I stumbled on these clips [text continues below them]:

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

For those who couldn’t be bothered going through those, it went through his last day and analysed it from the point of view of a denier.  That is, it attempted to debunk any and all suggestions about what led up to and what happened that night.  Were there any? Every minute or so, someone is coming out with, ‘Someone said the revolver found a couple of months later was significant, I refuse to believe that, it’s all theory,’ or similar.…