I live in Rochester and I have been in the High Street almost every day this last month. The Labour Office (shop) was barely manned, maybe by one, may two people and was often closed by 4PM.

The Conservative office (shop) was a bit better, but also usually deserted by 5.30.

The UKIP office (shop) was often open until 10.00PM and there was always a gaggle of workers coming and going. One would often see UKIP workers on wet and windy street corners and engaged with passers-by, but seldom the other parties who stuck to targeted (or untargeted) door knocking.

The “big-guns” who visited seemed to be mainly going through the motions. It is a 5 minute walk from the Station to the Tory campaign office and from there another 3 minutes to the famous sweet shop–allow for time to say hello and sign the visitor’s white board and buy sweets for the kids–it is surprising that so many “Big Guns” managed to arrive, do their business and get the return train (45 minute gap) back to Town.