A film out of the past

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Don’t know which was better- the film or Roger Ebert at his best.

A review needs have generous dollops of plot but also needs to touch on all the nuances and how well they work but with a deft touch.  The reviewer’s own quirk – noticing all the smoking and speaking with Mitchum about it – those things lift the review as well.

How the two males viewed it as one theme but the woman would see it differently.…

Tuesday, all day

Many [let's take a stab at 40 odd percent] do not like the message, all sorts of rationalization goes on, all sorts of explanations, all sorts of studies are ordered from the PC universities, YouGov can be relied upon to quote skewed figures but despite the machine trying to keep the destruction going, it takes one rabbi to put it succinctly:

Great Britain is developing into the most divided society than at any time in the last 150 years.

Lord Jonathan Sacks, the former chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom, says the problem stems from a number of factors including that almost half of children born in the United Kingdom are born out of wedlock, people are marrying later and that 42 percent of marriages end in divorce.

He pointed out that women head 92 percent of single-parent families and that “in Britain today more than a million children will grow up with no contact whatsoever with their fathers.”

Sacks said, “Those who are privileged to grow up in stable loving association with the two people who brought them into being will, on average, be healthier physically and emotionally.

Fake charities – the great rip-off

nevinA charity fatcat

It’s difficult to know how to deal with the faux charity problem from the point of view of donating.

We get herded into certain positions. We discover, for example, that only a tiny portion gets to the intended target, that bureaucrats and other middlemen take their cut, that salaries of top execs in this ‘business’ are on the same whack they would be in any other regular job, only in this case, they’re screwing the volunteers who actually do the work and rattle the tins.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that a charity fatcat is one of the lowest forms of human being because he or she knows exactly how people are getting screwed over for his or her obscene salary.…

Rose of the World, Slenderman and others

Revealed: The desperate last days of Russian supermodel, 20, who took running leap from her New York apartment building ‘after joining brutal Rose of the World cult’

If we can de-Mail-ify this, the danger is that if I run a link to the Wiki entry on it, how many young people or women will click into it and start taking it onboard?  You’d have to say almost none but can I take the risk?

the eyesI’m at the point now I couldn’t care less about if people were offended by that last paragraph or not – my job is to tell it as it is. Who are the most susceptible to these sorts of things?  One need only look at cults such as Manson and Jim Jones to see it.

There are men who tend to be henchmen, enforcers, the real murderers and then a range of female accolytes, then the mass of converts who can be male and female.…


First off, were you aware that poecilonym is a synonym for synonym? Not a lot of people know that.

Second,  does it take a Jewish woman to speak out about the murder of Christians in the middle-east and elsewhere?



That’s not the question. The question is – who ever thought up this ridiculous notion of three parent families? Certainly not anyone centre or right. There is no such thing. When one asks of a toddler, who’s your father, he must be able to point to one of the two parents holding his hand. And when asked who is your mother, to point to the other.

Anything else is insidious evil, packaged up and papered over.

Fourth, why is the MSM lovingly and gleefully bringing us beheading film? This is the very oxygen of publicity they do it for.


Was Cameron outflanked by Ashdown?

One of the regular tweeters, Sue [] pointed to this post by Conservative Woman about how Cameron fluffed his boundary changes.

AV (PR lite) could have meant the Conservatives never again getting into power, given that the two socialist parties’ supporters would vote for each other. That is a measure of how important boundary change was to Cameron.

The two measures were therefore very sensibly tied to each other in clause 24, which said that they would both be contained in a single ” Constitutional” Bill.

The referendum on AV was unconditional. But boundary change was made conditional upon a further vote once the boundary commission had dealt with the detail. In other words the two measures were separated – Clegg was given his AV vote but left with the ability to vote down boundary change – if and when something upset him.

Which it later did.



SY+Lulworth+Outside+IIThe things this blog has been concerned about for days, so it should have been concerned about – but they’ve been about the diminution and degradation of the human spirit, about people losing their way.

From Femen in Rome to the Rotherham 1400 to Cameron to every other tacky thing, one can get tied up in it all, railing against it and that leaves no time for celebrating all that it is good in human ingenuity, in the way humans from all over can combine to achieve.…

Decluttering …

A culling in the man shed.


Haiku’s recent piece on the recalcitrant tools got the old grey matter thinking as to when am I going to have a sort out in the man shed.

This was triggered last week when I could not find a pair of gardening gloves that did not have holes in stitching gone or both, so I ordered a couple of new pairs.

This in turn determined me to sort out some of the long collected dross that had accumulated in the aforementioned shed so I set to.…

Questions to which the answer is: ‘Because the world is in the hands of the corrupt.’

Just before beginning, very few posts today so don’t miss this Sunday read on The English Pub.


1. Why is this Pussy Riot not still in a Russian prison for desecrating a church by openly having sex with any one there, why did UK border control allow them in as people of good character when they’ve refused high profile people in the past?

2. Why is this Femen [Ukrainian by the way] not in prison after going half naked into St. Peters Square and simulating anal sex with crucifixes? Where are the decency laws which apply to anyone else?

3. Why is the Ukraine not being condemned for cutting off all essential services to Donetsk and Lugansk just before winter? Where is the UN condemnation of these violations, which any court of human rights should uphold?

4. Why have Clegg and Hague not been investigated for their doings in Dolphin Square?…

The club is dark

No one with any vestige of credibility goes near Icke in his writing.

Which is wrong because he gets a lot of it right, i.e. corroborated elsewhere – it’s just the weird stuff which kills it for him, thinking he’s God or whatever he was meant to have done.

I’ll go into anyone’s writing, even Hitler’s, if it will throw up some snippets, some little facts, not otherwise known. In research, there must be a certain opportunism. With Yallop, the issue was not the good oil but the way he joined dots for us. That’s always a worry.

Looking at a regular OoL commenter’s comment:

Considering the revelations made about MP’s sexual depravity of the child rape and murders the happened (alleged?)at Dolphin Square, with the Elm guest house, North Wales, the Dickens porfolio,the obvious state protection of these VDP’s (very depraved people) in the highest ranks of government, to trust the welfare of your child to a government employee local or otherwise is downright dangerous, how many closet paedos lurking in the Hove Childrens Board..

The power mix in tennis

ivanovic coach

Horses for courses.

The problem is not Amélie Mauresmo in herself as a person, it’s just that she’s wrong for Murray in a number of ways. Part of this comment below is right, the other not:

That’s what you get for appointing a coach who hasn’t a clue. Murray does not listen to advice from anyone. Lendl got the best out of him by getting him to control his temper but then he started his antics again & Lendl left. Last night’s press conference was embarrassing. He doesn’t listen to his media advisor either. He was squirming in front of the camera !

Mauresmo is gay, meaning she’s tuned into women, how they tick, how to deal with them, how to encourage, how to put the brakes on. She understands women. She doesn’t have the background relationship to be able to handle a man, especially one as stubborn and difficult as this one.…