Welby, in a few words, shows his colours

laodician church

The church in Laodicea

Wanted to leave this until Sunday – you know, religion and all that – but couldn’t be bothered waiting.

To a Christian, a real one, this is an extraordinary statement:

Welby admits ‘does God exist’ doubts

There is a very simple reason why any true Christian knows Welby’s no Christian, a CINO but first one needs to define “Christian”. For a start, I’d guess 99% of readers of this blog are more rationalist than metaphysical.

Therefore, on the surface, his statement shows of course that he is unfit for purpose and should vacate his job. The true Christian agrees, knowing he is unfit for purpose but for a different reason.

There is a mechanism whereby anyone accepting John 3:16, understanding the implications of that and still accepting it, has this experience which one could call a Damascene moment, perhaps an epiphany. There are never any exceptions. It’s an inrush which is impossible to explain to anyone who hasn’t had it.…

The tale of the rescue of Salyut 7

Another haiku gem.


The following story happened in 1985 but subsequently vanished into obscurity. Over the years, many details have been twisted, others created. Even the original storytellers got some things just plain wrong. After extensive research, writer Nickolai Belakovski is able to present, for the first time to an English-speaking audience, the complete story of Soyuz T-13’s mission to save Salyut 7, a fascinating piece of in-space repair history.

On February 11, 1985, while Salyut 7 was in orbit on autopilot awaiting its next crew, mission control (TsUP) noticed something was off. Station telemetry reported that there had been a surge of current in the electrical system, which led to the tripping of overcurrent protection and the shutdown of the primary radio transmitter circuits. The backup radio transmitters had been automatically activated, and as such there was no immediate threat to the station.

Best continued over at Arstechnica [link at top].…

Get your degree in Zimbabwe

Bit of light relief after the past two days. Haiku sends the state of education in Africa in this link:


HARARE, Zimbabwe – President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace has just been awarded a PhD. and her husband, who’s chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe has capped her.

News of the First Lady’s graduation has come as a surprise to Zimbaweans, since she was only reported to have registered for the degree in July.

LOL. Presumably, this is meant to support and reinforce the claim of the university to be one of the leading tertiary institutions in the league table of the world.…

Sometimes a lid must be put on it for the nonce

I’ve just gone into the mess of files on the new computer where they were transferred to see if I could find the ones I saved in passing. Clearly I’ll have to set this thing up better.

In passing though, I found one based, not on this issue but on the Andy Murray thing. It was furious at me and at Amfortas but didn’t seem to relate to Andy Murray as far as I could see. This is a very weird time at the moment, what with fights with officialdom, computer breakdown and seemingly offending people on things I have zero clue about what could be offensive. On provocative things I’ve written – yes – but at the drop of a hat on something supposedly innocuous?

Anyway, to the issue of WTC7, certainly not innocuous. That post yesterday was badly timed, in the light of everything else going on and it came to a head in links to two articles.…

The geographical peculiarities of the issue

At the end of a comment on another post, I wrote I’d also like to touch on the tricky one of how one can be Unionist on the UK but not with the EU. That’s a hard one to justify, I agree. Both are run by crooks, for their own purposes and are interfering with the personal lives of their outposts.

I can only point to the 307 years in which the United Kingdom or Great Britain lived, fought wars etc. together. The EU, on the other hand is a monstrosity of latter years, meant to create a giant mafia politburo and vassals below, deliberately set up by a small group of evil muvvers – the Club of Rome. One is neutral, the other is, frankly, evil.

A certain devolution or autonomy is necessary for a federation to work. Within Russia, there are autonomous republics which, in practice, are semi-autonomous and yet they manage.…

It’s nothing to do with a viewpoint, it’s to do with gross disloyalty and a cynical ploy

This post is not specifically about Andy Murray, it’s about issues arising from his behaviour and the general manner in which the whole thing was run.

What has come through loud and clear today is that most of the English and over half the Scots wish now to live and let live, to coexist.

But we see a 20 000 signature petition to run the vote again. Which side do you think is trying that and which monolithic organization did the same in Ireland when they didn’t like the democratically delivered result of No?

Now people who try that sort of thing on are going to get the sharp end of the stick from us. And no, it is not hatred for Scotland, nor for the Scottish people – it’s that we’re not going to take the c*** from the other side.

Ditto goes for the media. All over the media today are set pieces by bought journos exonerating Murray for what he did.…