Antibiotics and the NHS

One of those conversations again.


Whatever happened to ‘take two aspirins and call me in the morning?


Not quite. One faces a couple of problems:

1. If patients are not given tablets (or similar) by their doctor they tend to switch doctors.
2. Antibiotics are in fact only suitable for a relatively narrow range of illnesses.
3. Antibiotics, when taken incorrectly – e.g. an incomplete course – can actually do more damage than good.
4. And, of course, the kicker: patients always know more than the medical staff; sometimes true, but definitely not in the case of chavs.

Your typical patient, when suffering from a case of sniffles, will normally rush into the surgery demanding antibiotics.…

Older ladies – shorter hair?

older lady 1Think the Guardian came up with a legit question – why do older women keep shorter hair?

I’ve given this one some thought and it does seem there are reasons.  In my case, the shorter the hair, the [marginally] younger I seem.  In a woman’s case, it seems to do the same.

Masses of hair are fine on a woman until the ends go, the hair becomes weak, loses natural colour and it takes all sorts of work to get the roots treated and the hair itself maintained with gunk.  This below, from a lady,was a cruel comment but not far from the truth:

I guess if you’re grey then you would want to limit the amount of grey, less grey is better so less hair is better. Also you don’t want to look like the mad cat lady or a witch.

It war Bobby!

bobby didditSo anyway, Ian Beale got photos of Cheryl Fernando Verjazzle’s bum on his bedroom wall, it war Jane that Emma phoned, and met. That’s why Emma said ‘it’s still murder’ after Jane explained Bobby did it but At least there was a bit of comedy with that child birth.

So Emma (the detective) phoned Bobby and said “I know you killed Lucy !” !!!  BUT he blew his nose and the drastically thin Lucy fell over and hit her head. When Denise was looking over the toilet dos anyone else notice how massive her fingers and nails looked… That was scary!!!!!

Bobby’s face and behaviour after killing his own sister was like he’d just pinched her monopoly money, and not just caved her head in. And I love the way he managed to phone Jane, whilst still holding the murder weapon.  Am just waiting to see how Jane managed to move the body……maybe it was Ian.…

Blueprints for Them

The federalist, bureaucratic model

Within the US, according to Svali, this is how the Illuminati supposedly have it set up:

Level One: Local level: (anytown, USA) sister groups

Level Two: Metropolitan leadership council

Baalim (head) (1), assistants to the head (2) administrators over finances and day to day happenings (4), head trainers (oversee and teach other trainers) (6). The total: 13 members. The Baalim and his two assistants report to:

Level Three: Regional Leadership Council

Head of council (1), Military (2 seats), Spiritual (2 seats), Scholarship (2 seats), Finances (2 seats), Training (2 seats), Sciences (2 seats). Total: 13 members

The seven regional councils each have a leader as noted above, who reports to the:

Demise of the Telegraph

Every blogger’s nightmare – schedule a post for next morning, ripping-off Guido mid-afternoon or rather his commenters, then in come Breitbart with their own post late afternoon. Grrrrr. However, we shall press ahead:

Peter Oborne:

It is not only the Telegraph that is at fault here. The past few years have seen the rise of shadowy executives who determine what truths can and what truths can’t be conveyed across the mainstream media. The criminality of News International newspapers during the phone hacking years was a particularly grotesque example of this wholly malign phenomenon.

It’s always been. Even in Watergate days, Katherine Graham’s Washington Post skirted around the truth.

PeterGriffiths =>Kevin T…

Labour Party at prayer?


Don’t think there’s too much more to be added here:

There is a long list of other social and political evils that transcend party politics which also escapes the notice of these waffling bishops. Although there is a fleeting reference to ‘the blessings of family life’, the disintegration of families, and the horrendous consequences for children, are nowhere mentioned.

Thinktanks [2]

just another man 1The aim in Part 1 was to overwhelm with data, to replicate, in a blogpost, that which is happening in RL out there but as was noted by a commenter, much was left out even then and I also wrote that it hardly scratched the surface.

Add to that all the research done by many, many bloggers around the sphere and what we have is not so much a dastardly, chuckling global cabal but rather people of limited vision and high ambition accessing and implementing papers from thinktanks in key places, e.g. the RIIA.

And these papers give not only strategic direction but also the language to use [the buzzwords, the bizspeak], courses to send staff on and within them, ways to ensure a desired result, e.g. NLP, Delphi technique. Not only that but govt, with no mind of its own, adopts these things because they look professional enough and it adds them to its forms, it begins to speak in the way these thinktanks do.…


just another man 1There’s an ever-present danger that when words are thrown about such as Rothschilds, Bilderberg etc., those invoking them are instantly dismissed with a groan, that most people do not really know the interelationships between groups and in my case, when I use the word Them, it does not help my cause that the data below is not quoted each and every time.

The blog format does not help in this.

Whether innocuous or more sinister, things are always run in shipshape fashion on the surface.  So thinktanks will hold meetings at the RIIA, for example, where leading lights in various fields are invited to speak under Chatham House rules – all above board, yes?

And a policy statement will come out of that, such as:…