Psy-ops during a sleepy British summer


Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s almost August and things should be sleepy, if warm. Boredom should be setting in and as many baths during the day as one can have without washing away.

The media should be tedious with inanity, pulling those stories out of storage they run every year about this time.

That doesn’t seem to be the case this year. There is horror going on – admittedly not on our doorstep but “over there” in the Balkans or the Middle-East, the traditional places of hatred. A small percentage of local horror stories would be picked up and eagerly run by the Mail for those who adore being outraged and horrified by a mother killing her children in Clapham or someone else cheating on someone.

What we’re getting for no extra charge this year is Boko Haram in Nigeria and then the one no one was expecting – ISIS slaughtering with impunity – actually Hitler era horror stuff and in the last couple of days – all those heads – I refused to look or run that as a post.…

What to do with Tunnock Amy?

tunnock amy

Possibly the best comments:

# I never thought anything could improve a Tunnock’s ….but Amy ;-)

# I personally prefer Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers – haven’t been able to get them for decades, but just like Lee’s Macaroon Bars and Snowballs, as well as McCowan’s Highland Toffee, these are the things dreams are made of.

As for the pesky question of what she did – took sick leave with a dodgy case of tonsillitis to become a teacake holder at the garish, naff opening monstrosity, there are certain issues.

Someone had to cover for her, she was drawing sick leave dishonestly – she defrauded her boss, she also drew travelling expenses from the organizers.

Should she:

1.  Be given her P45;

2.  Be docked that money she embezzled;

3.  Bend over the boss’s knee and be spanked;

4.  Become the boss’s special PA, in charge of tea and teacakes, on a wonderful salary, with various non-listed tasks along the way?…

Tour de France wrap-up


Anyone who read my first piece on the TDF will know why I had reservations about it as a race, far too many recent Tours have been won by riders who win the time trial/s and are then surrounded by a protective team that strangles the race.

If you add in the negative routes so often served up where the first week trundles through sprinter territory and even when the mountains are reached no one attacks until the last climb, you will understand some of the disenchantment I have held for this the greatest of cycling road races for some time.

Many are already saying that what would have happened if Froome and Contador had not been forced to retire, quite honestly we will never know, but my feeling is Nibali would still have won, Contador is not the rider he was pre his drug ban ? Quelle surprise and for me he should not be racing, and Froome has not had the form this year he did last so we cannot say.…

How would you organize this meeting?

You see this sort of thing all the time:



Seems to me that the groundrules are pretty important here, so let’s lay a few groundrules.

1.  The meet-up will take place during lunchtime tomorrow – it will be squared with your employer or whomever you had planned to see – the angel will take care of that part.

2.  The bench sits three, of which you must constantly occupy one place over that hour [so go to the loo early and make sure you've eaten].  If you attempt to get up from the bench, the process stops and the deal’s off.

3.  You can arrange the people and time allocation according to your own plan but you must submit that plan in advance now, in order for the angel to go and gather them all for the appearance.  They have the right to refuse to appear, in which case you can either put in another name or give more time to the others.…

Germany to leave the others behind?

Any comment on this, linked from Sloggy this morning?

On July 23, Dr. Jim Willie, a well respected statistician and founder of the Hat Trick Newsletter, was a guest on the USA Watchdog weekly podcast.

During the 30 minute interview with host Greg Hunter, Dr. Willie provided an astonishing announcement from a high level source within the London banking system that Germany was on the cusp of severing its long-standing obligations to the U.S., and was ready to leave not only the European Union, but also the Euro currency and NATO to join then join up with Russia, China, and the BRICS coalition to strengthen the financial and economic power of the emerging global system coming out of Eurasia and the East.

Germany is already disgruntled with the United States for their aggressive tactics in trying to usurp Ukraine from their age old position in the Russian camp, and from day one, has been opposing the American superpower’s attempts to bring in Europe to solidify sanctions on Russia, which have been done outside the vote of the United Nations, and solely for the benefit of U.S.