The parallels are striking

There’s no easy way to write this post without offending half the readers.

Last evening, Wiggia had a YouTube clip up of men’s brains, women’s brains, part of  a comedy evening.  If you look at the camera shots of the audience – men and women - that little smile, that half-bitten lip telling a tale of recognition, you could see he stayed just this side of offensive and what’s more, both sides recognized themselves and were half-prepared to admit it..

Everyone was laughing, then he went over to a statuette of a woman and a palpable tension came into the atmosphere, which is why, humorously, he crossed himself in prayer before he began.  Every person in that audience knew exactly what that was all about.

Many know the standing Rumpole joke about She Who Must Be Obeyed, there are so many gags about women always having to be Right.  Many know the comedienne Pam Ayres who made a series of gags around the pub philosopher husband who knows all there is to know about every topic, from boxing to politics.…

Nessie solved

It’s time for the truth to come out about Nessie:

nessie solved

Nessie is neither more nor less than a group of creatures called professors, climbing late out of the primordial soup and found in such places as Loch Ness and elsewhere.  The species, in adult form,  tends to link hands in a sort of archaic, telepathic daisy chain and can stay underwater for up to 73 days.…

The continuing saga of less wheels than four

My comment about £1000 for an electric assisted bike [see Amfortas‘s explanation in comments on that post] seems to have shocked the sensitivities of Rossa who has been trying to save me from myself.

Her opening suggestion was perhaps a little OTT- the Fisker Karma electric supercar – but at least she did mention winning the lottery.

She had a think about it and then - well if he’s going to pootle around on two wheels, at least do it with some panache:



Let’s start with the aftermath of the Kerry Smith biz.

Thrice in the last week, this blogger has considered whether it’s wise to vote UKIP – first after the Bird/Bolter thing and Bird still in his place, then on Hamilton and why is he was still in place and then on Kerry Smith and why he was still in place?

Oh me of little faith – in all cases, UKIP have acted within 24 hours and learnt in the process. In all honesty, do you know of any of the major parties who have adopted this stance, even if it leads to initial ridicule?

There are, in my book, two things which have happened here:

1. The attempt at parachutism, if it did happen, failed – the local branch spam-check caught every one of them out. That’s because it’s filled with real people.

2. UKIP is not afraid to say it got it wrong and then adjusts to get it better.…

When the PC message backfires

Much has been written both here and on other sites, even in the MSM over the past few weeks about how the PC message is becoming blunted, how we are lashing out when they try to impose it on us.

Far from learning, they redouble their efforts to have us embrace their perception of reality and thus the Mail – a news service totally out of touch with its readership – headed Sunday evening’s fare with the story of the great woman who’d finally ditched her husband because he was tight with money, a miserable sod.

The flagship story went up, along with all the crimes against generosity committed by this man and naturally, his side was never told – that’s the PC way.

Actually, it didn’t need to be. The readers did it for him. Voila:…