Ten easy ways to neither understand nor have a say in the making of money

For a start, from last night’s Ken Craggs’ piece on today’s backbench debate in parliament, the nature of money creation is going to be covered.

The reasons you and I will do nothing on this are many:

1. The source is untrusted – it comes from someone you don’t know, Ken Craggs and is brought by someone you’re not over-enamoured of, James Higham. So it’s off to a bad start.

2. Even the fairminded see no corroboration anywhere they read, so it seems some invention, although invoking the name Carswell in this debate brings a familiar face into it. And it does seem to be actually happening if you follow the links, although it’s ‘just another backbench debate in a sideroom’.

3. You’re overwhelmed by what you yourself must do today – get into the commuter grind to get to work, do what they require all day or else you have a dozen jobs to do in your unemployment or retirement.…

How should we correctly label this lunacy?

First, the story:

Inspectors who visited Middle Rasen Primary School in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, penalised the school for not being multicultural enough – despite 97 per cent of the town being white.

Elsewhere, the small 104-pupil school had been highly praised in the report for its management and teaching, plus its well-behaved, courteous and enthusiastic pupils.

But the report said the school, situated in the picturesque rural Middle English town, was graded as ‘good’ instead of ‘outstanding’ because pupils lacked ‘first-hand experience of the diverse make up of modern British society’.

The majority of pupils are white British, with very few from ethnic backgrounds. No pupils speak English as an additional language.

Money creation to finally be debated at Westminster

On the day of the by-election.

You can watch LIVE tomorrow (20th November12.30pm: UK Parliament to debate Money Creation for first time in 170 years. via @PositiveMoneyUK

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is “protected by international treaty. Its assets can never be seized, even in times of war.”

BIS opened for business on 17 May 1930 in Basel, Switzerland, where it still has its headquarters today. Since its founding, the BIS has established two representative offices: in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (1998) and in Mexico City (2002). 

The BIS was created at the Hague Conference that dealt with the issue of German war reparation payments arising from the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. TheBrussels Protocol relates to the BIS’s immunities, including for assets deposited by the BIS with third parties. Brussels Protocol was signed on 30 July 1936 by representatives of 16 governments. 

Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Board of Directors (2003-2014).

How about the Swiss Franc?

The article puts the case:

The imposition of EU and US sanctions has prompted discussion in Russia about dropping the dollar in transactions between private individuals and at state level. But what should take the dollar’s place? Cowrie shells will hardly do. So how about the Swiss franc?

Following the latest political events in Russia, some government representatives and economists have been asking indignantly just how long the country should keep holding the billions from oil and gas sales in US securities. Why should Russia support the economy and currency of a country that has instigated sanctions against it?

According to figures from the US Department of the Treasury for August 2014, Russia has invested $118 billion (CHF114 billion) in US Treasury securities. So how could the dollar realistically be dropped? And where should the reserve billions be invested? This is the question that Russia’s central bank is asking those fierce critics of the cult of the dollar.

One point of view or free debate?

The central issue in this Breitbart article is not the substance of it, as many a commenter in the thread pointed out.

The central issue is how far does a publication refuse opinion contrary to its main thrust and how far does it allow free debate? As a political blogger, I confess it’s one I’ve not yet worked out and that goes for OoL too.

There is this point of view from the comments thread:

Every news outlet has editorial direction. The BBC may pretend it doesn’t, but we know it does. If people want a different perspective they can read the Guardian, Order-Order, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, or whatever, and indeed most people do read multiple sources and make up their minds. However, as an example the Telegraph messed up by bringing in people such as Geoffrey Lean and Tom Chivers. As a result people didn’t just decide which articles to read, they just deserted the DT itself.


The great chocolate shortage and other BS

Haiku points to this bit of tosh:

As a response to the chocolate shortage, farmers are investing in new strains of cacao. One of these is a breed called CCN51, renowned both because it produces nearly seven times more beans than its traditional Ecuadorian counterpart and because it is resistant to witches’ broom. Scientists, however, still have more work to do when it comes to cultivating CCN51: Its flavors on the human palette, according to one profiler, include “weak basal cocoa with thin fruit overlay; lead and wood shavings; astringent and acidic pulp.” The bean overall is, as those references would suggest, “quite bitter.” (Or,as one chocolate consultant says, CCN51 tastes like “acidic dirt.”)

For a start, it’s in The Atlantic. We’ve covered The Atlantic before. Once a fine publication, now a repository of Global Left Establishment concerns, in accordance with the official line, e.g. on the climate scam.…

A film out of the past

Annex - Greer, Jane (Out of the Past)_02

Don’t know which was better- the film or Roger Ebert at his best.

A review needs have generous dollops of plot but also needs to touch on all the nuances and how well they work but with a deft touch.  The reviewer’s own quirk – noticing all the smoking and speaking with Mitchum about it – those things lift the review as well.

How the two males viewed it as one theme but the woman would see it differently.…

Tuesday, all day

Many [let's take a stab at 40 odd percent] do not like the message, all sorts of rationalization goes on, all sorts of explanations, all sorts of studies are ordered from the PC universities, YouGov can be relied upon to quote skewed figures but despite the machine trying to keep the destruction going, it takes one rabbi to put it succinctly:

Great Britain is developing into the most divided society than at any time in the last 150 years.

Lord Jonathan Sacks, the former chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom, says the problem stems from a number of factors including that almost half of children born in the United Kingdom are born out of wedlock, people are marrying later and that 42 percent of marriages end in divorce.

He pointed out that women head 92 percent of single-parent families and that “in Britain today more than a million children will grow up with no contact whatsoever with their fathers.”

Sacks said, “Those who are privileged to grow up in stable loving association with the two people who brought them into being will, on average, be healthier physically and emotionally.

Fake charities – the great rip-off

nevinA charity fatcat

It’s difficult to know how to deal with the faux charity problem from the point of view of donating.

We get herded into certain positions. We discover, for example, that only a tiny portion gets to the intended target, that bureaucrats and other middlemen take their cut, that salaries of top execs in this ‘business’ are on the same whack they would be in any other regular job, only in this case, they’re screwing the volunteers who actually do the work and rattle the tins.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that a charity fatcat is one of the lowest forms of human being because he or she knows exactly how people are getting screwed over for his or her obscene salary.…

Rose of the World, Slenderman and others

Revealed: The desperate last days of Russian supermodel, 20, who took running leap from her New York apartment building ‘after joining brutal Rose of the World cult’

If we can de-Mail-ify this, the danger is that if I run a link to the Wiki entry on it, how many young people or women will click into it and start taking it onboard?  You’d have to say almost none but can I take the risk?

the eyesI’m at the point now I couldn’t care less about if people were offended by that last paragraph or not – my job is to tell it as it is. Who are the most susceptible to these sorts of things?  One need only look at cults such as Manson and Jim Jones to see it.

There are men who tend to be henchmen, enforcers, the real murderers and then a range of female accolytes, then the mass of converts who can be male and female.…