Rossa says: “Make sure you don’t get any pleasure from inhaling fumes while building your boat. And whatever you do, don’t drink tea!”

This is a very short post because it’s a very simple idea, often blogged on at OoL but not so much here as a discrete topic.

There really are two types – one who leave others alone and cut an invisible trail through the woods as far as poss – dousing and covering over fires and tracks, minding their own business – and then there are the interferers, the busybodies, those who have to have blanket rules for everyone.

At your expense, never theirs.…

Saturday quiz

1. Diamonds have a hardness of 10 on which scale?
2. Who ends up at Freyja’s Fólkvangr?
3. Who gave the earliest version of the Pandora story?
4. In 1807, who called New York Gotham City?
5. Name the three wise monkeys.
6. The stalactite – does it rise up or hang down?
7.  Name any work by Cherilyn Sarkisian.
8. Can you name any blind Benedictine monk?
9. Which era was before the Jurassic?
10. What is Sagarmatha?…

The Secret World of the Internet

She calls herself The Messiah of The Illuminati or
littlehoneyissosweet. She styles herself as a “good person” and the Higham as “evil”. She wrote to me in the deep of the night.

That’s not unlike the gnostic who styles himself gentle and accepting of all, on the path to illumination and the Christian as the follower of the demi-urge, destroyer of worlds. It went public in The Da Vinci code.…

Guided busways

Between Cambridge, Huntingdon and St Ives in the English county of Cambridgeshire, runs a special bus service over a special route that consist of two narrow concrete rails instead of a regular asphalt road. The buses travel with each set of wheels over the parallel rails, just like a train. The margin for error is narrow, yet the buses attain speeds of 90 km per hour (55 miles/h). The best part is, the driver doesn’t even hold the steering wheel.