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Maybe it’s because of those years in Russia and I apply this just as much to myself as to any one else but we’re too soft by ‘alf and we kid ourselves we can do things when we can’t.

In my case, the book’s fine, just getting done, the boat will be OK if I can get past some very tricky parts with the pontoons but there are things now in other fields I simply won’t attempt any more.  similarly, I’m desperately trying to stay in the black financially.

All of that is in my hands.  Sure the government can ruin things but one plans with that in mind.  It still comes back to our choices.

Leggy had something to say about this today:

I cannot be offended by words unless I choose to be and I do not choose to be. Insult away – if you come up with a good one I’ll store it for future use myself.

Das Boot, das Buch und die Blogging

The boyz are dropping me hints about the boat.  First, haiku:

dilbert das boot

Then Amfortas [though to be fair, this is for comparison purposes]:


I’m also getting it in the ear at this end – the site manager next door, my landlord and my mate are all dropping hints.  Simple answer is I’m not gluing under 8 degrees.  Once it goes above that, I’m down there again.

Cunning plan is to get the book into EPUB and PDF – all efforts are currently directed there] and hopefully that will dovetail later this week in the first build for a while.

There is likely to be light blogging [by N.O.’s standards] today, dear reader.  Ivan’s waiting.


#  First up, from haiku:

Man lists his Tesla Model S as an $85-a-night Airbnb room:


#  Moving on … Well, no equivocation in this one, sent by Chuckles:

In the wake of the campus rape lies of 2014, who can blame these guys for believing feminism is conducting its own War Against Men:

This is not a debate about gender roles. It is not about economics or the esoterica of hateful radicals in an ivory tower. This is a war, an ideological campaign to smear all men as moral monsters. It is not a war against “patriarchy” or some imagined evil rich guy. This is a war on men as such – of all races and social classes. It is a war against your brothers, sons, fathers, friends and relatives. And right now, the bad guys and girls are winning.

Looking bad in the world of the young.…


First the majority [though this has now been overtaken]:

When you read John Humphry’s piece it becomes clear. The corruption he talks about, with the example of the tax collectors fleecing the car dealership of thousands, is enough to undermine anyone’s ambition. Why work when parasites like that help themselves and you have to pay up under duress.
For me the Troika are now between a rock and a hard place. If the new Govt manages to get the terms of the repayment of their ‘bail out’ changed, just watch the PIIGS a line up to do the same. If the Troika says no, watch the Greeks default. The Grexit will also set a precedent.

Putin has already offered the Greeks a lifeline. Money in exchange for developing the Greek resources under the Aegean. And possibly even extend this new oil pipeline they’re building between Russia and Turkey, through Greece (as a hub) to Europe, bypassing Ukraine.…


It’s Australia Day today or as some are calling it downunder: First Fleet Day, a day to celebrate the subsequent genocide and oppression of the aborigines.

And now:

Once again, I’m caught here in this blogging bind of so many issues to cover but readers complaining that the posts zoom past too quickly.

By running posts today only at 6, 9, 12 and now [maybe at 18], it’s provided breathing space but there are 18 separate issues awaiting in emails alone, let alone going around the blogs and ignoring the MSM altogether. Frankly, I do not have the answer to this, beyond compromise.

Anyway, down to it:

elizabeth-hurleyGot sucked into this “famous for being famous” debate last evening.

There are obvious contenders – Paris Hilton, Elizabeth Hurley, the Kardashians, Jade Goody, Paris Hilton to name a few and it seemed to me it had to be for having done virtually nothing worthwhile.…

The lies of the U.S., NATO and Kiev

When the first story of the shelling of Mariupol came out, I immediately went to a couple of non-RT sites to find out and one had an interview with the rebel commander, a longish interview.

I was silly enough not to cut and paste to Word as I had no idea – I should have had – that the western media would so blatantly come out with this garbage about the rebels shelling the town.

Even before reading the commander, it was bleedin obvious – who has the form of shelling towns, of the two?  Why would the rebels do that?  For them, it’s a hearts and souls thing – look at Mariupol on the map and it’s a clear strategic thing Russia would like the rebels to have.  They are not overwhelmingly loved in that town so a PR job was obviously going to be an imperative.

Then I read the interview.…

In which Celia Green and I comment on the left’s fruitcakery

natalie bennettNatalie Bennett, Arch-Green

The main reason I won’t engage with these people has much to do with my profession, part of which was to run through things such as the logical syllogism with students:

All men are mortal
Socrates is a man
Therefore, Socrates is mortal

Though students are young, most in my groups had the mental capacity to follow all this and to argue their own cases – that was our bread and butter work in a way.

And everyone developed that sort of mindset – that anything argued must begin with either the statement followed by the steps, backed by the evidence which led to it or else it was done in reverse, with a conclusion drawn at the end.

So, having spent half a working lifetime doing that and then confronting the utter lack of logic in the political arena, along with sheer legerdemain and “shiftiness” in position, it’s a bit more, I’d argue, than just your sense of exasperation – it actually distresses me, seriously distresses me to see such shoddy argument, to the point I can’t deal with it and do avoid it.…

The Pope


It’s certainly not my intention to alienate N.O.’s Catholic readers but at the same time, just as one goes for the jugular on Welby in our own Church, so it is only right to go for any seeming impropriety anywhere else – we certainly do it on the Muslims and I do it on that half of Jewry represented by Nethanyahu.

Let’s start with this:

It’s a matter so dark and serious it has only been whispered about behind closed doors in Vatican circles by courageous priests such as the late John F. O’Connor, Alfred Kunz and the late Malachi Martin.

But now, thanks to the release by the Holy See of an official bulletin titled “Acta Apostolicae Sedis,” it has been confirmed that the papal conclave that elected Pope Francis March 13 heard a message, immediately before the voting, from a senior cardinal dealing directly with the threat of “The Smoke of Satan” descending on the Vatican itself.

And another thing …


Swimming in Germany:

dalek swimming

Groanworthy from Chuckles:

A man walks into a bar in the early afternoon and walks over to the landlord, who is stood behind the bar polishing a couple of glasses. The man straightens his tie and his round wire-framed glasses and then puts his briefcase down on the floor.

“Good afternoon, sir”, says the landlord, “What can I get you?”

“A large measure of your finest malt whisky please kind sir,” says the stranger.

The landlord pours him a double of the Bruichladdich ‘Flirtation’ and puts it down in front of him. Quick as a flash, the stranger has picked up the glass and emptied it down his throat before the landlord has had a chance to speak.

“Er… thats four-fifty mate”, says the landlord.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t owe you anything.” says the indignant customer.

“How d’you work that out then, Sherlock?” asks the landlord.

“You clearly asked what you could get for me.

The Backlash, the Luegenpresse and the New Reformation

The combined liberal/progressive/left hegemony, a mix of left-thinking powers behind government – Masons, Demos, Tavistock, shills in government, manifesting itself in things like Dolphin Square, plus the manipulated do-gooders seeing themselves as “loving left” and compassionate – the whole vast hegemony in every field from education to the courts to the media – BBC, Guardian, Independent, Mirror and now even the Daily Mail and Telegraph, formerly supposedly “rightwing” – as this vast conglomerate starts to see the backlash from ordinary people through rallies typified by Manif and PEGIDA – as they see this, it both gets their adrenaline going as they thrive on conflict and demoralization but at the same time it worries them.

There is, quite simply, an ideological war going on and it is in the interests of the vast left and the Luegenpresse to pretend there isn’t at all. But we have eyes:…


If one ever needed a reminder of events being personally out of our control and the more one tries to keep them in order, the more wildly out of order they become or the alternative – the more one is odds on to be kaput, odds on for the chop and then it just doesn’t happen – then this case is that.

Also, if one ever needed a reminder that we are Zaphod Beeblebroxes, irrelevant in the context of the great firmament out there and yet important in the Agatha Christie sense quoted below – then this is also such a case.

It was in one of the Harley Quin stories and she had Mr. Satterthwaite speaking to a woman who was going to suicide that night, from the top of a rock on the Italian coastline.

“You say your life is your own,” went on Mr Satterthwaite, “But can you dare to ignore the chance that you are taking part in a gigantic drama under the orders of a Divine Producer?