The Establishment’s MSM at it again

6166 complaints and OFCOM come out with this:

Ofcom, the communications regulator in the UK, today announced the findings of its investigation into ‘Ukip: The First 100 Days’, Channel 4’s “ground-breaking and provocative fictional documentary set in a fabricated future where UKIP have won the 2015 general election.”

One commenter:

Channel 4 and the BBC both receive dosh from the EU.
OFCOM is “Chaired” by Dame Patricia Hodgson who has held two very high level “Director” posts at the BBC. She has also been the Principal of Newnham.

This “ruling” on the 6,166 complaints about the Channel 4 programme should come as no surprise, hell’s teeth, I complained to the BBC about its disgraceful coverage of the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant. I did it online, ticked the box which demanded “Reply” and I’m still waiting! Their official number of complaints is said to be 5,000.

They are all in it together and it stinks.

Islam must depart from these shores now

The previous post went into what happens, traumatically, when people in a society simply cannot accept the reality of personal limitations.

The same applies in ideology itself. We pride ourselves on our tolerance, on our libertarianism, on our ability to offer the big tent, saying all are welcome.

Sorry, they’re not and one particular nation where that has come home to roost is Denmark. In the face of terrorism, Queen Margrethe herself was forced to confront the ugly reality for her nation.

“We are challenged in these years by Islam, both globally and locally, and it is a challenge we have to take seriously. … There is something impressive about people for whom religion permeates life from morning to night, from cradle to grave. There are also Christians who feel that way. …

But it [Islam] is a challenge we have to take seriously. We simply let it flutter in too long because we are tolerant, and it’s not so nice.

People are not equal

The N1 trauma producer is the inability to realize that there are limitations to what each of us can do.  The N1 threat to that is the person or narrative which states that that person can do anything.

All sorts of psycho-babble is formulated and trotted out to support that faux construct – faux because the truth is that we can’t, that for a variety of reasons, of which only part is opportunity, that even were two people given the same opportunity, they would not reach the same level of competence or even outlook.

One of the strongest reasons for grammar schools is that at least there is the opportunity there for poor kids but to say that that will produce equals is ridiculous. It’s just less worse than if they weren’t there.

The realization that this boat building is a younger man’s game, that I simply can’t do all the heavy work requited from time to time, not that I was ever a large man anyway – that’s something which has cleared my mind and though the boat will be finished, it will have taken far longer than I’d intended.…

That’s all there is after me …

This post is asking for considerable understanding from English speakers. You’ll not follow the lyrics, OK but in the two live tracks [1st and 3rd] watch the audience reaction.  Also given that the two groups began around 1980 and 1990 respectively, look at the audience, particularly with the last track and see the cross-over of generations, also note the tears in places.  What we have here is two groups who went through it all in Soviet and early liberation days and survived.

First, DDT:

Eto vsyo means that’s all, that’s all there is, it’s over.  The second part, poslye myenya, means after me, after I’ve gone.  Think you get the idea.…

Diversity trumps people not being burnt to death

It’s about the NY fire department being made to “diversify” it’s personnel make-up, too many white Americans/Italians on the force.  Remember, it’s not important whether they can fight fires or not – diversity is everything:

The ‘diverse’ slate couldn’t pass written tests. Female candidates couldn’t pass physical tests. But the bar was lowered anyway and they were swept in, with predictably disastrous results.

And so it came down to Michael D. Johnson:

Michael D. Johnson won’t fight fires. Instead he stays on the sidelines as his Engine Co. 257 colleagues rush into burning buildings. Nicknamed “Tragic Johnson” by rank and file, he’s managed to evade the smoke and flames several times since joining the Canarsie, Brooklyn, firehouse last year.

The latest fright unfolded April 2 at a three-alarm blaze on East 78th Street, when Johnson’s irked captain radioed a “mayday” after discovering Johnson was AWOL, sources said. He had been assigned as “backup” to the nozzle man carrying the hose into the burning two-story building.

Some words and phrases in Russian

A friend has a Russian visiting soon, partner of a friend.  I’ve been asked some Russian phrases.  This is what I’ve initially come up with:

Where I’ve made the syllable dark [bold], that’s the one to stress.  Where I’ve put dashes, it means each syllable is pronounced, though only one is stressed.  Speak the other syllables quickly and the stressed one more slowly.

Where there is no dash, it means the word is said as one.

About the apostrophes used below, e.g. tol’ko.  This is not a syllable separator but a way to pronounce the syllable before. You would normally, in English, say tol as in told. With the apostrophe, it becomes toil-ko.  That’s as close as you can get in English.  He’ll understand it.

More exactly, that apostrophe changes the consonant before it into one having a soft y as in yet.  It’s too difficult for you to do n then y as one sound so better to change the whole syllable.…

Local government? Who chairs the meetings?

AK Haart writes of the ideal many have of local government supplanting this federalist model where interference comes from above:

Much stronger local government presumably. Local government where the basic political unit is local enough to tackle local complexities, to find out what works and what doesn’t, small enough to reject a thousand vain political fantasies.

Lovely ideal but we’ve seen how it works in practice.  For a start, look at any corrupt council or rotten borough up and down the nation.  And on every mayor’s floor is a Common Purpose “advisor”.

Some years back, there was a plan for Citizen’s Juries and again, who were the chairmen of those meetings? Office of the DPM or in other words, Common Purpose.

The bstds have their claws into everything – Arts Councils, RDAs, anything with some form of power attached to it.…


Gorgeous rainy day out there.

First thought is why would anyone want to – does one run a Vauxhall Astra engine in a Ferrari? This reader at Slashdot, Soulskill, seems to think it worth it:

As Microsoft prepares for the launch of Windows 10, review sites have been performing all sorts of benchmarks on the tech preview to evaluate how well the operating system will run.

But now a computer science student named Alex King has made the most logical performance evaluation of all: testing Windows 10’s performance on a 2015 MacBook.

He says, “Here’s the real kicker: it’s fast. It’s smooth. It renders at 60FPS unless you have a lot going on. It’s unequivocally better than performance on OS X, further leading me to believe that Apple really needs to overhaul how animations are done.

Even when I turn Transparency off in OS X, Mission Control isn’t completely smooth.


#  Let’s open with haiku’s contribution to the “shut up and take my money” series, the Genie. Under the guise of making the perfect meal for one instantly, you by the simple oven and the pods per month. Price is not mentioned unless you go searching and then it comes out to $600 for I think 32 meals. Ho hum.

#  And now – climate. whilst the MSM is furiously showing pics of huge ice masses breaking off and threatening life and limb in this global warming at one pole, at the other, this satirical piece, via Chuckles, shows an entirely different picture.

#  What would you need to defeat Boko Harum and free the children?  South African mercenaries of course.  None of the governments can do it, none of the armies, navies and air forces – only small mercenary forces.

#  The economic journal of the left, the Economist, gives a helpful guide for those speaking of the 1% on how to actually join them.…


It’s not just in Doctor Who that darkness has now become a theme – it’s been going on for a long time. In fact, if you look at the seeming innocence of the 50s, the free love and drugs of the 60s and the descending darkness of the 70s [with its dire fashions], you get to the bland, big hair, all for me 80s and then the schlock 90s by which time the exploitation of children was well underway and teachers’ ranks were filling with the left.

And it has parallels or is portrayed in film.  From the opening of Lord of the Rings to the really dark last part with that spider and other nasties, many commented on the descent to the dark.  Golding’s Lor of the Flies went the same way.

The thesis was that if you leave a people unfettered, rather than rise to nobility, they will descend to bestiality.…