From murdered refugees in the Mediterranean to the UN

Andrea Vogt’s posted on it and so has Welshcakes.

Health and border officials in Malta and Italy are struggling today to recover the stories and cadavers of at least 800 migrants believed to have drowned in five separate incidents, the majority – at least 500 – killed when their boat was deliberately rammed and sunk by Egyptian smugglers whom they had paid for the voyage.

A migration crisis of biblical proportions is unfolding in southern Europe: a record 130,000 migrants have arrived in Italy and Malta from northern Africa in the first nine months of 2014. Nearly 3,000 have drowned in the Mediterranean sea. This past weekend appears to be one of the deadliest ever.

“This is not an accident – this is mass homicide,” said Simona Moscarelli of the International Organisation for Migration, speaking of the reported ramming.

Welshcakes adds:

UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie, who has been visiting Maltese Naval Rescue HQ, said on Monday,

We all need to wake up to the scale of this crisis.

Scotland – s’pose we’d best say something


All previous comments apply, back to normal in some ways but some aspects still rankling:

1. Wee Thuggee, the Maoist Salmond and goons can now just p*** off and leave everyone alone but bet they won’t.

This whole thing, frankly, was a disgrace, e.g. as this Welshwoman says:

Can’t believe that 16 and 17 year olds were allowed to vote… Too young to fully understand politics and the impact and consequences of a yes vote would have had had on Scotland! Cant believe the arrogance of these CUSTODIANS of Scotland!!

However, many of those 16-18 year olds voted No – there was a large number, by polls. They and the mature and silent spoke, as opposed to the loud boors with their ASBO behaviour, which possibly lost it for them in the eyes of good Scots.

An American lady:

Now if only everyone would get this upset over the illegals then perhaps things would start looking up for both Scotland and England…I’m pulling for you!

Through Glenfiddich eyes

Glenfiddich_Distillery,_DufftownJust made the most enormous mistake.

In the wake of Murray’s prattery earlier, here I was trying to get a full head of steam up for a post of righteous anger about the bloody Scots and accidentally opened the bottle of Glenfiddich.

Suddenly, the wilds of bonny Scotland [well, Dufftown anyway] called to me and I rediscovered my love for all my Scottish friends.

My goodness but this is a wonderful dram … or eight. I swear it’s God’s own nectar. Referendum? What referendum?…

Seven questions to which the answer is Cameron

1. Who even allowed this farce to go ahead whereby:

a. A large number of Scots are not allowed to vote on their own country’s future?
b. A large number of non-Scots who are guests in Scotland can vote on it?
c. The age was dropped below the legal limit in most of the world?
d. Members of that Union are not allowed to vote on its future?

2. Who had all bases covered by trying to ensure a Yes vote [see N1], then pretended he wanted a No and offered the known universe to the Maoist thug and his cronies, including the deeply unpopular Barnett formula, which the English will be paying for years?

3. Who, meanwhile, refuses to allow a referendum on things which matter, e.g. EU membership?

4. Who has single-handedly decimated Tory memberships and driven out true conservatives?

5. Who has done nothing to heal the country’s wounds but instead has created even deeper division and dissent in a country already smarting under austerity there was absolutely no need for if the wastage had not taken place?…

Pierce Brosnan


Typecasting – a killer.

Since Bond, Pierce has struggled but that might be due to age in no small part. Seems to me that all along the line he’s had a raw deal, from NBC’s shutting him in, post-Moore, to the rubbish Bond films following Goldeneye, still up there as one of the best ever.

DAD’s been given bad press but the opening was very good and he held his end up all the way. That pic at the top of this post is a bit sad for me. I know, I know, his bank balance gives him cause not to be sad but still … it is sad.

To be now considered as a sidekick after his body of work – that’s not kind to the soul.

He seems more of a Bond than Daniel Craig, though it’s hard to knock Casino Royale – a top film in its own right.…

Zero hours contracts in football?

Mike Ashley’s chain of shops employs a majority of its staff on zero-hours contracts. Mike Ashley also owns Newcastle United and I am sure he has wondered whether he could apply the same principle to the players at the club. You know the sort of thing; paid according to the minutes spent on the pitch during games.
That thought occurred to me when I heard about the recent health problems of Jonas Gutierrez.


Jonas Gutierrez was a reliable and consistent team player for five years; not brilliant but solid and dependable. Maradona used him as left back for Argentina so that says it all really.
Jonas developed testicular cancer and returned to Argentina for an operation and treatment saying quite sensibly that he could discuss his condition with doctors in his own language and therefore understand fully the implications.

He returned to the Toon and the first thing he was told was to go and find another club because NUFC didn’t want him if he needed to continue with part time remedial treatment while training and playing.…