Kobane – the BS is thick upon the ground

rehanaAs someone dead against females being in the front line, for the very reason shown by ISIS capturing and beheading this girl, given their failure to meet the physical criteria [see ChristyO's expose called GI Jane] plus the special social difficulties with the mix, let alone the logistics and not forgetting the PC politics behind sending these girls to their deaths for no good reason, nothing I’ve seen, including reports on the Israeli army, alters that view in the least.

There are only two reasons to put females in the front line – one, if the army starts running out of males and two, this special situation of the Muslims believing a man misses out on the 72 virgins if he’s killed by a female.

Or if this girl really did lose both parents to ISIS.…

Mittwoch aus Licht

Apropos of nothing at all, nice to see the two unpopular ones score and agree with most commenters – let’s see it in Premier League and that sending off was ridiculous. However, League Cup or not, it was still Swansea, a PL team doing well, not Kidderminster 2nds, plus they wanted this win.

Balotelli has to have a partner up there when he plays. I wanted to follow West Ham in PL this year but keep getting drawn back to Rodgers’ Liverpool. Now why would that be?

And don’t you like genuine football fans – those who love the game for the game – they can appreciate good play from others and were indignant about that sending off, even though none of them were Swansea fans. One Liverpool fan said it ruined the game.

One team which sees this a lot is AFC Wimbledon. When some of The Firm went up to MK to support AFCW, that was a nice gesture [in a way].…

Death of real markets

OK, so it’s a Mail filler piece, so the new market is probably perfectly good for produce, this place will be bulldozed and become a row of boutiques for wimmin, as is usually the case when something historic comes down.


There is though something not nice in the death of this market. Don’t know about you but when I go through one of those old, bustling places, I see produce and clothing for a song, vibrancy, people being people, an earthiness which is really pleasant.…

The MSM fails us, war & religion, feminism dying?


Many things to cover today. Firstly, two statements:

1. The MSM are failing us.
2. The MSM are deliberately failing us.

To concentrate on the first, I have to cover another issue and that is how far I can quote someone’s email to me. Correspondents to NO know I’ll fiercely protect their privacy … if I know when it is … er … actually private.

For example, one has written to ask me to ask another and I haven’t passed the email on as has his real name is in it. I’ll not divulge things like that.

On the other hand, JD has written something on Spain relating to N1 above and why paraphrase it when the prose is innocuous and not divulging any secrets? So this sort of decision the blog moderator makes all the time.

Anyway, to JD:

Just had a quick look through Google News and there is no sign of this anywhere in the UK Press-


51 politicians arrested in Spain!!

The masters of discrimination strike again

Yesterday there was the Private Eye cover which made no bones about its bias against one particular party.

Wiggia points out:

The front page was not the worst go at UKIP in that issue.  All political parties are fair game but PE seems to be setting a new low standard where UKIP are concerned.  In the same issue, despite a letter criticizing a previous anti UKIP cartoon as being base, this issue has one all about turds, referring to UKIP.

This has caused comment elsewhere already, nothing to do with “can’t UKIP take it” as some have implied but an unwarranted approach that says much about how politics is viewed from within the bubble.

Cartoons were extremely nasty in the 19th century, but always with a factual basis, this one isn’t and it is not even funny.

Even so, as one commenter yesterday explained to readers, Private Eye is a private rag and that’s fair enough.…


Nice Monday topic, LOL, with a wet day out there.


My heart condition or lack of it, whatever, came up for discussion yesterday and what becomes apparent is how alone we really are.

Unless you have a partner beside you in that bed when it happens, then you’re pretty much gone. I don’t cling to life enough to worry too much about that. My mate, quite rightly, is not interested in being on the end of a line or rather, he says, again quite rightly, that I need to keep my phone on and by the bed, so I can be checked on.…

The immigrant problem


Everyone wants to know what the reality is but there are too many interested parties and outlets dedicated to ensuring you get a skewed picture and this is especially the case with Islam in the western nation.

The speech given by Geert Wilders [reproduced via Jerry Pournelle below] is certainly far right but I need to define far right before we go on.…

1000 Points of Light

This is what happens when you follow something through you ordinarily wouldn’t, plus you have a folder of files on the general area of Them.

Here was the pic on Twitter:

nunn obama

With a U.S. Senate election coming up, why should that concern us this side of the pond?  Well, I followed the link, noting in passing the words Points of Light, a trigger to  my mind but we’ll come to that.…