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# The new Doctor?


There’s a whole new storyline here LOL.

# Tough for them:


Asbos for jihadists, when they have worked so well for the local yoof, despair.

# In order for things to change, things must remain the same:


Italy, where less means more, after revelations, as an example, that a southern town had more people claiming benefit for being blind than actually lived there, you would think the shit state of the economy would bring about swift and urgent change, how they laughed.

# Italian given foreign policy job for Europe


Never before has my heart been filled with so much hope ……

Vulpis Invisibilis in Van Diemen’s Land

Fox 7 images (1)

When is a fox cull not a good thing? When it becomes a cause celebre and $50m is given to Greenies for it.

Now one might suppose that getting the farmers to take care of their own pestilences would prove fruitful, given their track record, but… as a group they are to a man and woman Conservative and have real nature conservation in mind rather than the city-dweller sort so favoured by Greenies.

Giving a farmer $1000 for every fox pelt might sound a fine idea and all 11 to 19 of the elusive beggars (the foxes, not the farmers) could have been rounded up for a total public outlay of less than half of one average Tasmanian person’s weekly wage.

But that would lose an opportunity to push $27,000 000 to greenie mates employed in shonky gummunt department.

They are ‘creative’. Although they fall short of actually making anything.


What’s in a name?

Dumbing down

Via Sackers, this:

Forget “Peak Oil” and “Peak Credit” … Are We On the Downslope of “Peak Intelligence”?

He makes the classic error, of course, in not considering the factor of intent in all this. He’s not wrong, of course but he just hasn’t filtered it through the prism of intent.  

There are detailed arguments in every sphere of life, there are the GCSE results, there’s everyday anecdotal evidence but there is also this rambling aggregation of articles from my early blogging days and if you go to the one about research methods, [appendix h, points 56-59], there is evidence it’s hard to ignore.

It was no mistake to move to “learner-centred”, a seemingly self-evident truth until you see the implications of it and the people behind it. Explore the Lincoln School, Rockefeller and Wundt.  There was clear intent here.

Combine that with the overall “lefting” of every sphere, from premarital sex moving on to pre-pubescent sex and the same in violent games etc.…