The blindspot

Some people are so kind that they just do not see bigotry. Some others are so blind they do not see it.

Some others are just bigotry on shapely legs.

My friend Lana, a Uni lecturer and fine gal writes: “ I have tried this experiment at the talk I gave last year. I took a few paragraphs of writing from “The Female Eunuch” by Greer. I substitute the word Jew or Jews for man or men. I told them I was reading a piece written by Julius Striecher for Signal Magazine in 1938. When I read it out, it was met with gasps of horror and demands to know why I was reading this obscene anti-Semitic hatred.

The room went very quiet when I pointed out that I was reading the words of a leading feminist Icon, from a book that remains on the gender studies reading list in the very same college these gasping students were attending.…

Says it all

There’s a post coming up later today by Amfortas, which I’ve titled The Blind Spot.

In that, he illustrates how people have such blind spots over issues, either through self-interest, general mindset about the world, the wish for things to be a certain way when they’re actually not, whatever. Point is – certain people and certain types of people have blindspots and nothing one can do is going to budge that.


Yuri Bezmenov has been quoted many times on that, about presenting authentic information or at a minimum, grounds for concern and people just harden their hearts to it. It even gets a mention in the gospels.…

TGI Friday


Me: My friend really likes you.
Her: I’m a lesbian.
Me: Ah ok…
Her: …
Me: …
Her: …
Me: So… What part of Lesbia are you from?


BMW have introduced a concept car. Apparently it has indicators.

All this nonsense about BMW drivers not using indicators is totally uncalled for. Why only today I saw one with all four flashing at once while he was parked on a pavement blocking a wheelchair ramp while he made a phone call and ate his lunch.…

The new fascism

Exhibit one – the dishonest imposition of ideology

Someone says the Mail is a rag.  Yes, no argument there, this blog has torn strips of the Mail many a time.

But to say I wouldn’t believe anything it said is silly.  Just as the Guardian, in reporting the incident, does bring it to our attention – it’s just the subsequent spin which is dabatable – so the Mail does actually unfold stories before other online news.

Such as this one:…

Friday too

# Just added to the discussion at the Mail on Liz Kendall:

James Higham, Manchester, moments ago
Wonder how much Liz weighs.

# Also, I do love Katie:

‘Lay off the burgers and quit being a sore loser': Katie Hopkins lays into ‘fat a**e’ Nicki Minaj after her Twitter row with Taylor Swift

Constant, low-level torment

Python nailed it with the cheese shop and dead parrot sketches.  They nailed the quiet apoplexy, the attitude of the other party in it, the push-push-pushing of a person until he explodes.  The constant niggling.

This can’t be blamed solely on modern times, the modern woman, the modern man but it can be blamed on PCism and the general lack of concern for anyone else – then institutionalizing that.

Russia.  If there was ever a place to frustrate, to defy you not to kill an official, that was it. Nothing coordinated, all departments were sealed units with no dialogue with each other if it was for you but if against you, they’d be round at midnight.

Think Britain and crank it up a dozen notches.  So a Russian mate or Russian lady reading this post is going to be chuckling, as he, she and I know fullwell how much worse it is in Russia.…


# Whodathunkit?

The so-called ‘Boris bus’ or London’s ‘new Routemaster’, hailed as a wonder of green technology, is turning out to be an embarrassment, reports BBC News. I’m told that at the back of a bus depot, there is a large pile of power batteries that no longer work.

#  Good thing it’s not real money, says Chuckles:

Can you imagine the uproar, the outcry, if the US government, through the Securities and Exchange Commission, ordered this country’s top stockbrokers and banks to simply hand over more than $19 billion, just like that?  Yet that’s what the Chinese government did . . . and its financial institutions complied.  Additional government funds were added to that amount – a lot more.  Bloomberg estimates that China has allocated no less than US $483 billion to turn its stock markets around.

#  Tell us about that National Barrier Asset again?…


Can you imagine anything more soul-sapping, more dispiriting, more asphyxiating than going through the whole airport business, cattle class flight, screaming babies and selfish adults, the delays, the rip-offs, then to be regurgitated onto Benidorm beach like sardines or rather lobsters, scorched soles and syringes in the sand?

Please explain what pleasure there is in that? Seriously, is there anything worse than this below?


Culling cats

[Last] Thursday, the Australian Federal Government announced a very new kind of war – one against cats.

Gregory Andrews, the country’s Threatened Species Commissioner, claims that feral cats are the “single biggest threat” to Australia’s mammals. ”Of the 29 mammals that we’ve lost to extinction, feral cats are implicated in 28 out of those 29 extinctions,” Andrews told an Australian radio program of the new initiative.

“It has been a problem that’s been neglected. So feral cats have spread across our country over the last 200 years.”

At the Melbourne Zoo on Thursday, Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt unveiled the five-year plan, which is aimed at protecting the country’s native bird and mammal populations, many faced with imminent extinction.

According to People, at least two million of the beasts are marked for death by 2020. Cat lovers are. predictably, outraged.

Hmmmm. Thoughts?

Think that might have been one of Chuckles’.…