Telescope or binoculars?

pirate telescope

Haiku brought up this topic about telephoto and zooms and that made me think about binoculars or telescope on the boat.  I’d also like to use them from my window here over the valley.

This explained it to me in better detail:

Binoculars are identified by 2 numbers. The first is magnification power.

Example: 7 x 35 binoculars have a magnification power of 7.

A magnification power of 7 means that an object will appear 7 times closer than it would to your unassisted eye. For example, if you view a deer that stands 200 yards away from you through 7x binoculars, it will appear as though it were 28.6 yards away (200 divided by 7).

Be aware that binoculars with magnification powers greater than 10 amplify the movements of your hands, making steady viewing difficult.

Binocular Objective Lens Diameter

The second number used in binocular identification refers to the diameter (in millimeters) of the objective lenses (those farther from your eyes; those closer to the “object” being viewed).

The elephant in the room

Here they are discussing all white gear and that is so – their gaff, they make the rules – but of course it ignores the real elephant in the room – tatts on women.

tattooed elephant

Has there ever been anything more vile on a woman?  Far worse than nose bones and other things sticking through and out of the skin, as at least they can be removed.

Just why a woman wants to mutilate herself in such an ugly way is a mystery. And no, it’s not beautiful in the least, not artistic – it’s gross.

Just why are women trying to be men?  Tatts are a man’s thing, for dockers and wharfies. Even Sean kept his carefully hidden in the movies.…


#  When I can’t work out what to eat, this usually happens and then I make it up from there:

the makings

#  The sun also rises in the east:

Google entices people to search by promising links to the best that the web has to offer. But research released Monday, led by top academics but paid for by one of Google’s rivals, suggests that Google sometimes alters results to play up its own content despite people’s preferences.

In the study, researchers from Harvard and Columbia presented 2,690 web users with two versions of Google. One version showed search results for local businesses as users usually see them, with links to the businesses along with ratings as posted to a Google site. The other version showed links to businesses along with ratings from rival sites like Yelp, the online review website, which paid for the study.

#  Cautionary tale for the elderly:


#  When it affects the military:

A top commander in southwest Asia reminded U.S military personnel stationed in Muslim countries in the Middle East of the restrictions placed on them during Ramadan.

Societal things

It’s quite possible I’ve misinterpreted the intention of a fine fellow blogger and ascribed to her the wrong usage of the words “ignore societal things”. Humblest apologies. Still, I am looking at the idea itself below, not who used what how.

In functioning societies, that is those before the current era, the family is the cornerstone and there is enough space for individuals within them, that is there is a certain flexibility.

The nominal head of the household is the father who combines firmness with neither fear nor favour with acceptance of the child, for all his or her faults.  His function is to draw on the wealth of history and experience supposedly picked up from heritage through to skills, to learning.

The extent of his emotion is often the strong arm to protect and accept, the one who doesn’t cry but deals with a matter but the child still knows that if he steps out of line – for there are eternal verities, not rationalized away in infirm ways – then the father will show the way.…


Unfortunate that Jackson Browne had gone up before I could postpone it, even more unfortunate if anyone actually listened.

He was able to speak about things I can’t.  Whilst I can feel emotion, certainly empathy, whilst I can do what is necessary and ensure someone knows I’m there, there’s a giant black spot which is talking in emotional or compassionate language.

In my last year of school, one of the curmudgeonly masters of the old school type died – he’d never taught me but I was always wary of him – actually he looked a bit like Enoch Powell.

I remember the shock when students he’d had came out with things like his being caring and kind. Yes?  And we were told he’d loved the boys [no, not in that modern way].  But he’d never been known as a soft man, more of a stickler and tartar.

So, if faced with suicide, especially by a young female, I’m really at a loss how to respond.…

Jackson Browne

Might be age but think I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog that I met Jackson Browne in Australia and it was a thrill. While my mates were off chatting up Daryl Hannah, I was chatting to Jackson Browne.

I’ve listened to the live versions on youtube and they weren’t bad but somehow they can’t beat the original with the Magritte tribute.  This song is about the sensitive subject of suicide and I’m still cursing myself that I mentioned his wife to him and broke the spell.

Headmaster once said to me that I was the cow which gave good milk, then kicked the bucket over. Ho hum:

The ark

An oldie but a goodie:

If Noah built the ark today!

The Lord spoke to Noah and said: “In six months I’m going to make it rain until the whole earth is covered with water and all the evil people are destroyed. But I want to save a few good people, and two of every kind of living thing on the planet. I am ordering you to build an Ark.”

And in a flash of lightning he delivered the specifications for an Ark. “OK,” said Noah, trembling in fear and fumbling with the blueprints.

“Six months, and it starts to rain,” thundered the Lord. “You’d better have my Ark completed, or learn how to swim for a very long time.”

And six months passed. The skies began to cloud up and rain began to fall.

The Lord saw that Noah was sitting in his front yard, weeping. And there was no Ark.…

Wednesday too

#  Thanks, Breitbart London … says it all:


On a completely different topic, some Agatha Christie:

Mr Satterthwaite was glad that the young people had gone to bed. He was not fond of young people in herds.

He thought them uninteresting and crude. They lacked subtlety and as life went on he had become increasingly fond of subtleties.

– from “The Mysterious Mr Quinn”, 1932

Good thing I adore young people then, innit?  Sigh.…


#  Via Chuckles, this culinary delight but each to his or her own:

My father usually starts off his curries by roasting a blend of cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, anise, cumin and bay leaves. Then he incorporates the onions, garlic and ginger — and then tomatoes and chilies and a touch of cream.

The North Indian cuisine I grew up eating is about melding together distinct, disparate flavors and building up layer upon layer of spice and seasoning. Much of European cuisine, by contrast, is about combining complementary flavors — think potatoes with leeks, or scallops with white wine.

#  So, so bloody bored with public pollie life. Why waste blog space on them?  Leave it to Guido.…

There’s something about wimmin and rods, don’t you feel?

whipstaff girlThese should pass:



Finding I’m having to do boat things early morning and late evening – the yard is baking in the middle of the day, don’t know how long this heat will last. It’s drying out the core of the boat well except for the main parts under glass, e.g. deck, which are dry anyway. Will have to use the middle of the day better now, do my blogging then.

The extension to 42 feet has both solved and caused issues. The actual joinery was a piece of cake – possibly more solid than the original. The issue is that I now have a huge covered area of 12 feet by 5 feet into which almost everything must go without weighing down the stern and the centre hull had to stop at one point for the outboard to be mounted on a transom. I don’t want the o/b on the stern as it can be knocked off too easily and so we’re talking critical inches here on its placement.…

Poor Sir Tim

More of the same old, same old – same type of young female pushed upwards, same Narrative, same dog’s act by her, same dishonesty, desperately claiming to be what she’s not, zero grace:

Connie St Louis . . . is an award-winning freelance broadcaster, journalist, writer and scientist.

‘She presents and produces a range of programmes for BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service . . . She writes for numerous outlets, including The Independent, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, BBC On Air magazine and BBC Online.’

All very prestigious. Comforting, no doubt, for potential students considering whether to devote a year of their lives (and money) to completing an MA course under her stewardship. Except, that is for one small detail: almost all of these supposed ‘facts’ appear to be untrue.

For one thing, Connie St Louis does not ‘present and produce’ a range of programmes for Radio 4.

Ran it through the calculator

This might be of interest to a few.

With the lengthening from 38 feet to 42 feet, the calculations had to be redone and unfortunately, it did not actually improve some of the more unwelcome numbers.

There are factors increasing speed and at the same time, factors reducing speed.  For example, the deep V of the centre hull, at 3 feet wide and 42 feet long, has a double effect.  It sits the boat deeper in the water, giving stability of tracking but it also increases wetted area, which slows the boat but the overall lightness and length makes her respond more quickly to the water pressure, i.e. the hull is forced upwards by the Vs in both centre hull and pontoons, not unlike a hydrofoil, reducing waterplane or wetted area and increasing speed.

She’s rated at 8.68 knots and will do up to that on a pond, with no other factors involved other than wind.…

Charlie McCoy

Charlie McCoy was a session muso:

#  “We always compare the song to a picture,” explained McCoy, whose harmonica blowing stood out for its velocity and melodic phrasing. “We’re just here to provide the frame, to make the picture look and sound good. If you didn’t learn that your career would be shot.”

#  “As musicians you don’t get to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a session,” McCoy said, lounging in a chair at the Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, where a plaque attests to his achievements. “Only if they weren’t paying union rates.”

But Columbia, Dylan’s record label, had ordered him not to step foot in “backwards” Tennessee.

McCoy said: “The bible of that movement was Rolling Stone magazine and it was not kind to Nashville. Quotes like ‘cookie-cutter music, all business and no art, assembly line music’. But we were A-list musicians who knew how to get a lot of music, at high quality, in a very short space of time, on a small budget.