Hotel California

It perhaps matters not greatly how you arrive there, as long as you do eventually arrive:

Michael Walsh asks in his book The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: how might people react if the land promised by modern cultural Pied Pipers turned out to be a hell?  How if after accepting abortion, the loss of individuality, the destruction of tradition and a near utter reliance on the state the end point was not utopia but dystopia?  Worse what if those two places are actually the same thing?

After more than seven years of “hope and change” not just the US but the world seems to have arrived at a strange and unexpected destination.  Peggy Noonan, who endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, asks her readers if they’ve looked around lately and noticed how strange the scenery is.

The big thing is not to fall into this “I told you so” trap. Good at least that they’ve seen the light in their own time.…

Yes, Veronica, there really is a bureaucratic PC Monster

This, via Chuckles, is the same sort of thing as in yesterday’s post on PCism, it puts it clearly.

Last fall, my daughter Veronica got an idea for the seventh grade science fair at her school. She’d compare different ways to clean a toothbrush. First she’d take a new toothbrush out of a package and brush her teeth, covering it with her mouth bacteria. Then, she’d clean it with one of three liquids: water, lemon juice, or vinegar. Finally, she’d wipe the brushes on Petri dishes and see how many bacteria grew on them.

It seemed to me like a straightforward enough idea. It might fail, but so what? It would still be worth her time.

Yep, sounds fine – discovery, innit? Making mistakes, rolling with them, learning from them?

Veronica submitted her plan, and then reported back to me that we had to fill out some forms. These forms turned out to be an avalanche of confusing paperwork.

Throwing off the PC yoke

This is about a brawl and PCism, right in the middle of a very public corporate dollar producing Saturday afternoon showcase, not about football per se – I wouldn’t lay the latter on the wary or unwary reader.

All week it had been coming. Port Adelaide, as the word Port suggests, are mongrels from the docks, from street brawling and Geelong, possibly for the lily-white colour of their uniforms, are known more for their slick play although they’re farmer’s boys so one shouldn’t underestimate them in a stoush.

The Port plan was clear – physically take out star players, not unlike the old Wimbledon FC, and see if the pussies would meet the challenge and roar or as Port expected – miaow.



Think there has to be another one day hiatus. Skin flared up again from the building and it manifests itself by getting worse when I touch mouse or touchpad or come near a computer. Ordinarily not an issue but this combination is not good.

Apart from one post on the PC yoke, that’s it until tomorrow evening, readers.…

The rights which are never trumpeted by the SJWs

There’s a fundamental point of disagreement here. Just what the percentages are who adhere to each side I don’t know but it’s basically along these lines:

1.  One lot say that there are behaviours you choose to adopt and if that puts you in a minority, then that’s your lookout. On the other hand, there are genuine handicaps, e.g. Downes Syndrome, quadriplegics etc. and there’s no one to blame, not much which can be done, although nurses do seem to have that compassionate side which leads them to do what they can.

As for the demographic make-up, if in a minority, then you are in a minority. Now, what will you do about it? Assimilate or go the victimhood, benefit receiving route?

There’s a thing called classical liberalism but more than that, a range of acceptable actions in society. It was always clear to the majority what those were in any society.…

Bliss [three kind gentlemen]

From Wiggia:

North Norfolk coast, Burnham Overy Staithe, this is Nelson country he was born a couple of miles away at Burnham Thorpe, this is one of the few places that have not been changed too much with tourism and it has the only free car parking area on the foreshore along this stretch.

The white and black building in the middle is the old boat house and it still is, so many boats around the back of these buildings waiting to go out, every back yard has one.

north norfolk

From Amfortas:…